Vampyre – Part One of Four

There are some who let loose when on business trips. New in town, slim chance of bumping into a familiar face – you know how it works. This is not about married people, infidelity or even morality.

This is about single people looking for some fun.

Afterall, one night stands could lead to something — permanent.

Not A One Night Stand_33_WFF by EA

Did I say permanent 🙂


Tomorrow: Some Humour with the Brothers Grinn



    1. Thank you, Lauren, for your compliment.

      Yes, the first normally leaves one desperate for the second – enjoy while we can because, it reaches the zenith quickly and is downhill after that.

  1. Interesting vampire’s theme ;-P
    I’ve been atracted to vampires all my life. Although when I was a little girl I had nightmares and they appeared in middle of the night in my room. Always I felt a conexion with them. Have do you think about psychic vampires? They are worst than those vampires we know from movies and books. From them nothing is written.

    “She was looking to my eyes
    complaining above her life
    I drop my hand to her side
    to help her with my advice
    She starts crying
    and those tears are the knives
    cutting your heart in pieces
    then indirectly she look to me as abandoned dog
    with tears beg me to stay, to help, to waste my time
    Blinded for a guilty sense
    I’m condemned to death
    without have a tiny knowledge of it
    I sigh, praying my freedom
    but she has drained me off
    eating my brain
    my psychic is rotting
    and she is a vampire
    that bled my veins
    and my freedom”

    I’m not sure, but I’ve my own experiences about this, and I’m sure there is a lot of psychic vampires out there. Take care! 🙂

    Eternal kisses

    1. Thank you for your visit and this sharing. A psychic vampire – very intriguing. No, I don’t think anyone has written on this aspect of vampiric abilities.

      Good one,

  2. Thank-you Eric…I don’t know how i missed this but glad you gave me the link! Hmmm…seems a bit too permanent to me, actually!

  3. Having never gone down the road of the one night stand, I hope a hickey is all he left behind, and not a souvenir to be born 9 months later, but ah yes, the thought of meeting someone and making mad, passionate love all damn night, sex so good, that more is wanted, until they meet again….if ever. To be that lucky and live without this damn Catholic guilt, LOL.

    1. I sincerely believe – spirituality is more important than religion – all spiritualism has religion but not all religions have spiritualism.

      One night stands are so alluring – and froth with dangers – heightens the pleasures. I know, it is a little naughty – but hey, as an author, I’ve an excuse to write about these forbidden ‘fruits’ 🙂

      1. I am right there with you. Besides the poetry, I have the erotic storires which are ALL works of fiction. I’m stealing your words, as an author, I’ve an excuse to write about such things!

  4. Thought you might like this one… Written Words Don’t Die!

    The Book

    I can still see it
    in this old man’s mind’s eye…
    even after the great cleansing
    the picture burns brightly
    every story told contained within…
    so large it was.

    I remember the burnings;
    and those that would protect it
    would burn also.
    They called it “The Enlightening”…
    thoughts controlled, and words unliked
    removed from common intercourse
    it… being the source of knowledge…

    New words acceptable to the Learned
    now control us…
    our native tongue infected;
    we can no longer express that which we think.
    Silence has given way to a term long forgotten
    but kindred to its former use
    as we flock to the speak-easy
    where those of old
    share wisdom long since vanquished…
    sharing words forgotten…

    1. Steve,

      First off, I’m honoured that you shared this work of yours here. Thank you my friend 🙂

      Second, these words ring with my full agreement and adherence – you’ve captured my sentiments exactly, regarding this subject. Of course, a couple of centuries back, they would have burned the author for such “blasphemy”.

      It’s a pity you posted this somewhat late – as many of my readers would have relished it – but you know what, with your permission I shall include it in a “Random Gallery” with full credit and link back to your blog.

      All good wishes,

      1. Very pleased you enjoyed it… Thanks Eric. Glad I wasn’t living a few centuries back… I definitely would have ended up as a crispy critter! ‘~’ I would be honored to have you include it in a Random Gallery. 😀

    1. I can just imagine:

      “Excuse me, sir – all dangerous weapons and dentures to be left behind before boarding.”

      “Dentures? But these are genuine, original, real, living, teeth!”

      “No worries! Hey, Charlie! Bring out the pliers!”

    1. Hello there, first comment, I see. Welcome 🙂

      He turned the corner and – wham! Where did the world go?

      The shorter the more twisted it has to be, I reckon.

      P/s I’m following your blog.

      1. Apparently in those teen vampire movies (with the vampire guy and the werewolf guy) the girls all vote on which of the two actors/characters they like best by saying -“Team Jacob.” It was my lame attempt at modern vampire culture humor.

      2. Oh, okay – I get it now. That is a compliment, yes – thank you 🙂

        Shows you how disconnected I am from the teen vampire genre. My apologies – not your lame attempt – it is my ignorance 🙁

    1. I think you let out the air from old vampie 🙂

      I can just hear him complain to his Union of the Undead:

      “Fear, awe, trepidation – yes 👿 But guffawing – what is this world coming to? I’m off, back to Transylvania to scare a gypsy or two. Flap! Flap! Flap!

      Have a good one, Val,

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