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A Milk Drop

The readers and I would like to hear your thoughts.


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      1. Hello, Eric,

        Thank you for encouraging me to post my poems to your blog. I appreciate that. Iam happy to know that my past comment was for naught, and that I had regrettably misinterpreted your words. Thank you for clarifying that.
        And you are most welcome, my friend, concerning get the word out about your own blog. Getting the word out, on many different and important subjects…
        Take care,

  1. I just can’t think imaginative things, Eric…….& I ve not tried this, too…..My simple ,straightforward thinking tells me that blending into a situation is always a beautiful thing which helps you live life to the fullest……

  2. Very deep, there are many layers here you could take out of it. On one hand, a drop of milk will compromise the ink, making it less effective for writing, and a drop of ink in milk makes it less good to drink. In that sense, purity is vital. However, together they weave beautiful patterns that neither came make alone, so it seems to me that purity is utilitarian, while mixtures make art. 🙂

  3. My take on this-
    A drop of ink in the milk
    Makes no change its a pity
    A drop of milk in the ink
    Will sure loose its identity.

  4. This from another side of the world, one in which we mix constantly and in many cases to great consternation of those who would keep us ‘pure’. My initial thought was the mixing, the change from one to the next. How when we come together we also become something different, not worse not better just new.

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