All of us know someone who perennially laments their condition. There are others who bear their lot with gentle stoicism.

To appreciate what they go through, we too must — swim?

Swan Ache

I know people who have a full day and yet never complain. They are so much in control and make it all look so simple. I also know some who complain about the same incidents/issues years after the fact.

Do you know anyone who falls into either group?


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  1. really good to read traditional syllabic haiku on your site! I like the contrast you have in this one – serenity above, working hard below

    1. Thank you for the visit and encouraging comment.

      I’m told by some experts that mine are not “real” haiku.Though I do the 5-7-5, the last line should be some jarring stuff about the weather/environment. Okay! These experts are probably right. My sentiments are, it is a good thing that Elvis and Piccaso did not follow the rules of their craft.

      Peace, Eric

  2. Eric, this is such a clever haiku – I love it! Yes, I have a friend who is so much like this swan. She blesses everyone she meets – so graceful and gracious…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Oh, Wendy – what a lovely friend you have, someone to be treasured. I’m sure you’re very much like her too – birds of a feather tend to be mostly swans 🙂

      All good wishes,

  3. Different people, different ways of dealing with stress! But whatever the way it’s better to get it out than to keep it inside and let it ruin you! I love the swan image!

    1. Hello Soumya,

      I’m merely repeating what I said in your blog.

      Your poem brought to the fore so many thoughts and emotions.

      The quintessential clown character – makes all laugh, while burdens weigh down his heart

      The ballerina in Swan Lake, so graceful while grimacing in pain as her toes scream

      Closer to home, the same is true with mothers and fathers – as candles they cheerfully burn off their lives even as their children’s lives they light

      One can go on to recount all these sacrifices and more —

      Splendid indeed is nature – a Mother imparting lessons — all these and more, your verse triggered to the fore.

      Thank you Soumya, for this treat.

      — Eric —

  4. ” gently and beautifully it swims,absorbing the pains
    caressing her broken wings
    with the flapping she resists the friction,
    beneath her grace
    resides the ache unraveled
    with elegance she swims forever
    a noble soul , a brave heart
    splendid is its nature
    inspiring others”…..

    I loved the simplicity with which you expressed such a deep expression and reality… it really touches the core to read this.

    1. This is marvellous – can you please post this on your blog – I’ll certainly like to visit and share some comments with you.

      You are so sweet,

  5. Perhaps because the abuse of the news tends to shed more nasty views about ‘them’ than the people of those groups who actually do use their talents and funds for the greater good. Part of the balance of those who complain and refrain…perhaps next time I’ll remember to stop …short of complaining. But with yin there is yang.

    1. I agree but many talented athletes, movie and recording stars contribute – they motivate, they entertain and they give money to charities if not their time. And there are nasties among them as surely as there are “volunteers” with less than honourable agendas.

      As far as the media is concerned, it is common for some to push others down in order to stand proud, instead of leaving others be, pull themselves up and stand proud.

      Yin and yang, yes – reflection is good.

  6. I think ‘grace’ like ‘common sense’ is a challenging lesson. I do know many who fall into the second category of always finding fault, or having to compare their circumstance as better or worse than the one they barely listen to from you.

    And then there are those who give, devote countless hours as volunteers, seek little or no recognition for random acts of kindness. Those people, rather than over paid athletes, movie or recording stars…they are my heroes.

    1. You are right about all those “volunteer” heroes – this observation stands on its own merit.

      But why, might I ask, the need to continue with the “rather than over paid athletes, movie or recording stars”

  7. Oh Eric you really hit the nail on the head with this one. Swan ache – yes! I know a woman who complains about every little headache. I say worry when you don’t have a shelter over your head! The headache is so small in the scheme of things…

  8. I have often wondered whether someone would literally change the way they think and speak if they were to step into another’s mind and shoes and experience their life for just one day. This is what I love most about fiction character creation 🙂

    1. I suppose we cannot but be influenced. How much and for how long — depends

      Donna, I enjoy your flash fictions and as you might know, I’ve subscribed to receive your updates 🙂

      All good wishes, Eric

  9. I think it’s interesting how people handle circumstances differently. I, too, have met people who harp on the same thing for years and others who I marvel that they handle so much without a word.

    1. I agree – it can be burdensome when we hear the same bellyaches, especially when we are carrying heavier loads but simply are not into whinging.

  10. Eric, I read Swan Ache and knew I had to follow you, so beautifully written. As a newbie to Haiku I love to read the words of others. Thank you for liking one of my poems…otherwise I may have not found your site. I appreciate you taking the time.

    1. Hello Deb,

      This is sweet of you. Feel free to check out my previous haiku under category Poem/Haiku.

      I’ve also subscribed to receive your new posts and am sure we’ll “see” one another more in Blogsville.

      All good wishes,

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