Many fear the dark of the night –

Is it aย misplaced fear – key word ‘misplaced’

Not exactly a revelation but worth recounting, I reckon.

How our heart overrides the mind, how our mind overrides the heart –

the longest running war –

the prize –




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  1. Beautiful and thought-provoking poem. I suppose the darkness that lurks unchecked inside us is far more frightening that what we imagine in the darkness we see.

      1. My pleasure….thank you for writing with so much substance! BTW, my email is down to one page, so it’s a fine day, indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Agree with Ian, we are a complex human race, where some possess “hearts of darkness”, some, “enlightened minds”, and all permutations in between. A humbling haiku, Eric. Peace, Dee

    1. Complex indeed. It gets even more when people change constantly – even reacting differently when confronted with similar situations. Exhilarating, to say the least.

      Thank you for your visit and comment Dee.

      Peace, Eric

  3. Ah the balance of our inner dark and light is tough (for me at least – which wolf to feed?!) Turning out the lights at night doesn’t mean turning off the lights in my head…chatter chatter! Hope you have a great day Eric!

    1. It is interesting you describe both dark and light as “wolf” – This opened a new train of thought for me.

      Thank you and have great one too,

    1. That’s my intention Jane – toss a pebble and see the ripples, and each ripple is so unique.
      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Lookout for the 55 WFF Gallery in about half an hour.

    1. What a lovely angle – and true too.

      There is simply too much negativity about “dark” – with genesis in our childhood fears, perhaps. Though reality is reality, sometimes we need small respites from reality.

  4. Hmm, very deep meaning. Eric, I wonder do you mind to explain it clearer? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you.

    1. I’ve always held that all look in the mirror and each takes away something different – and everyone’s interpretation is right for them. Put another way, whatever meaning you draw from this – is correct.

      Perhaps, instead of asking me to explain my view – you would be kind enough to share your view, but only if you wish to.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Hmm, please correct me if my assumption is wrong. Do you mean darkness dwell in the hearts and minds of humans? Thank you
        Peace to you too, Yoshiko

      2. Hello Yoshiko,

        As mentioned, no one is wrong โ€“ certainly, your observation is correct.

        Here are a few others:

        People are afraid of the dark, because some fear demons lurk in the dark โ€“ they forget the real demons lurking within our hearts and minds โ€“ demons such as anger, envy, impatience, racism, fanaticism, etc.

        Even when the heart feels something is wrong โ€“ the mind rationalises it. Example, when a man cheats on his wife โ€“ the wife tries to explain it away with โ€œOh, he is working lateโ€.

        In other areas, the mind knows something is not right โ€“ like losing oneโ€™s temper, yet the heart overrides and people go into a rage.

        Battles are fought between heart and mind. Sometimes the heart is Good and the mind Evil but at other times, the heart is Evil and the mind Good.

        As you can deduce, there are many more interpretations from my haiku. I don’t normally explain as this deprives the reader of self discovery.

        Peace and bless you,

      3. Dear Eric,

        Thanks a lot for your time to explain and elaborate.

        Peace and God bless you too,

  5. Whatever our emotions or imaginations, it is all from within. But that which is from within could also have been influenced unfortunately by false teachings. To be able to discern the difference is our constant war.
    You have a neck for drawing out that which is supposedly “obvious” but evidently not so for many.

    1. Thank you Jasey dear.

      You are right – discernment is a constant battle that many do not engage in due to expedience or ignorance. All look, but only some see.

      Peace and all good wishes for the week ahead,

    1. Hello Felicia,

      800 steps! That is some regime you have going there – and I wish you all the best ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for dropping by with your comment,

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