I read a post by billgncs in his blog bwthoughts entitled “life changers”

Life changer: I took it as someone – other than family – who touches us with profound and positive consequences. That post by Bill, helped dig up a long forgotten page of my life. I shared it with him and would like to share it here. This is what I said:


I always secured high grades in school but also hung out with the neighbourhood gang. Yeah, figure that out.

Walking past a coffee shop one day, a man beckoned to join him for a cuppa. I soon learnt he was a cop in plainclothes. He had a dossier on the gang, including me. The cops were going to bust the gang and he gave me a heads up on account of my school grades. He spent about half an hour laying out the two futures I had – one led straight to the slammer. Head strong and belligerent as I was, something struck.

Thanks to him, I think I took the right fork in the road. He was my life changer – 40 years later, I still remember his name.


I never did speak about this for many years until I first shared it with my girlfriend, Lisa, now my wife of 32 years.

Many years later, another angel touched me. You can read the short post here > Remove One Straw.

I would love to hear you share your story – about how an angel touched you.

Don’t be shy, come on – you know the commenters here are all kind and considerate souls.

We need to hear uplifting stories – we need to hear yours 😀

************ Peace ************

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  1. In this experience, I suspect we encountered a real angel. Many years ago, my husband and I brought our two year old son with us to Madison Square Garden in New York to watch a Rangers Hockey Game. We only had two tickets, assuming our son could watch the game for free. At the turnstile, we were stopped by the usher who said only two people could go through. We did not know what to do. In the midst of all the commotion, in the sea of faces, there was a man dressed in a business suit, smiling, with his hand extended towards us. He was holding a ticket. My husband reached out to get the ticket, and thanked the man. After we got through the stile, we looked back, but the man was gone. We then had our three tickets, and were able to watch the hockey game, wondering all the while who that man was.

I like to hear your thoughts

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