We display our sculptures for maximum effect – creating an ambience incorporating a mosaic of light, music, mood and most of all content.

Are we proud?

Will we be pleased with:

the drips of our creative blunders;

the smudges on our lives;

the jagged edges, and

mismatched colours?

Our Art Gallery

Are we slaves, craftsmen or masters?

Are we budding masters or perennial apprentices?

Do we only excel in questions?


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  1. I tend to go with the all permutations as we can be all three at any given time. Perennial apprentice can also be viewed as humility, to consider oneself as budding master may also be pride. As nature always emphasize – find a balance.

    1. Yes, Jasey,

      There are nine basic combinations here, with many more permutations.

      Balance – Yin and Yang – is one way to go, I suppose.

      Luv and hugz,

  2. Beyond brilliant, dear Eric ! How so true — we the great masters of questions that we often (ourselves) fail to comprehend let alone answer the questions. Loved your poem!

    French writer Denis Diderot imposes a question in ‘Jacques le fataliste et son maître‘ (1796):

    “But who shall be the master? The Writer or the Reader?”

    Lots of love & hugs. Shall read your newer posts at the weekend.

    1. Your words ring true and that quote is a challenge indeed.

      But you also humble me with praise unworthy. For this, I bow with gratitude.

      Your friend,

  3. Is it permissible to consider permutations between slave/craftsman/master and past/present/future, and hence obtain other possibilities to determine outcomes? The other combinations would be: Slave of our present, Slave of our Future — Craftsman of our Past, Craftsman of our Future — Master of our Past, Master of our Present. Here I demonstrate “excelling only in questions”, Eric. 🙂 Peace, Dee

    1. Of course, Dee – all permutations are possible and welcomed.

      Actually, questions as Richard has pointed out, lead to more discovery and learning > something I subscribe to.

      Peace, Eric 😀

  4. we ‘build’ our own little masterpieces, in that we put ourselves on show through them, and then question why, why put ourselves through the nail-biting, will they misunderstand my ‘child’?…. thoughtful piece… x

    1. Hello Penny,

      To do or not to do, but once done – there goes our manicure. You are right, we are like moths drawn to the flame.

      Thank you for your visit and comment. I popped over to your blog – captivating imagery. Ticked to receive you updates.

      Cheers, Eric

  5. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. Your website amazes me. It is unique – neither orthodox nor utterly modern. Best wishes and give us more, Eric!

    1. Hello Justine,

      I notice that you started “following” my blog and the very least I can do was to pay you a return visit.

      Thank you for your compliments.

      All good wishes,

  6. There are various forms of art. In each form they inspire you in a positive way while others feed the baser side of nature. I suppose your haiku equally applied to both. It is yet another motivator to good or evil.

    1. Very true Ian,

      Like all human creations, art does have its darker cousins.

      For me, art is mostly something positive, inspirational and uplifting – or, something that highlights the ills of humanity. What I’ve said is descriptive but not definitive – but I think you get my meaning.

      Thank you Ian, I always appreciate and value your comments.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Hello Doris,

        First comment here, I see. And you went into the archives too 🙂

        Yes, humility unburdens and eases stress.

        All good wishes ahead,

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