Prompt word > BEDPOST.

Three versions – The first titled The Sentinel. A child’s fear – or something more?

33_FF_Bedpost_The Sentinel

The second titled I SPY. We never know who or what watches.

33_FF_Bedpost_I SPY

Bram Stoker’s novel and Hammer Film’s red are the inspirations for The Count.

33_FF_Bedpost_The Count

I know, it all tends to the dark side. I just need to work on lighter themes – or perhaps you can help me out.

You are all invited to come up with your own 33-word flash-fiction, using the prompt BEDPOST.


1. Your contribution can be prose or verse.

2. It can have less than 33 words but please do not exceed 33 words.

3. Please include the word ‘bedpost’ in the body of your contribution.

You are welcome to contribute more than one version, if you wish. As usual, please post your contribution(s) in the “Comments” below.

If I don’t receive any contributions – I hereby threaten to bore you with more of my own 😆 If I do receive any contributions, I shall collate and publish them in a Flash-Fiction Gallery on 2 April with full credit and links to your blogs.


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Thank you for taking part in the Gallery and here is wishing you a great day.


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  1. Hi Eric
    This is a challenge!
    I enjoy the challenge of 100 words for Friday Fictioneers, but 33 words is something else altogether.
    Here is my first attempt

    Recent memories are lost in the grey mist; people come and talk at her, she smiles.
    Her world is full of birthday parties, laughter, a stocking hung up on the bedpost, childish anticipation.

    Best wishes

    1. Hello Dee,

      Welcome aboard. Yes, 100-word FF has its own set of challenges as do the 33-worder.

      Your contribution is wonderful – and says a complete story.

      The trick as you know is to leave behind a “wink” a “smile” or a “gesture” – the readers fill in the blanks, and quite often do it subconsciously and what’s more, they relish doing it.

      Cheers, Eric

      1. Hello Eric
        Thank you for your kind comments, I will certainly try and submit another 33-worder!
        Have a lovely weekend

  2. This is not at all like the stuff I usually write Eric but as you suggested ‘Bedpost’ as a concept does lend itself to alternatives 🙂

    Unblemished, untouched, unsullied.
    My honour is without question, like my reputation
    I have no conquests, I have broken no hearts
    There have been no men in my bed
    No notches on my bedpost

    1. Thank you aunty amo,

      For your contribution – spot on 33 words 🙂 – and also for “following” my blog. This would be a welcome addition to the “Gallery”.

      All good wishes,

  3. Hey Eric I came with something, i am afraid it isnt much but i just wanted to try it out so here it is..

    the BEDPOST screamed
    startled Mr.Pinaki,
    laughed Ms. Dream,
    oh its my ex
    died and haunts the post
    never mind him
    just a jealous ghost
    get back here
    ooh where were we 😉

    1. LOL, Soma – what a fun contribution, and a little naughty too 🙂 Good one!

      So, that is where jealous ex’s end up – in bedposts. Serves them right, I reckon.

  4. Hi Eric, heres my shot at 33 words –

    There he lay, empty bottle of Jack Daniels by his elbow.

    Blood shot eyes staring into emptiness, afraid of sleep.

    Suddenly a cold sweat oozed through every pore.

    The bedpost plunging his heart.


      1. The devil works in mysterious ways Eric.
        Partial to a JD on the rocks myself accompanied by a pint of Guinness (never have nightmares/hangovers).

  5. Morning Eric – making me use my writing muscles again, thank you!

    The bedpost was scratched and worn
    It’s tender cherry flesh
    Marred and torn
    Years of abuse and neglect
    An object only of use
    No respect
    Now only a sin keeper
    Of the mattress

    1. Ah, what secrets it holds.

      Very appreciate this contribution. I think the Gallery will avail a wide variety to suit individual tastes.

      Thank you, Eric

  6. Hi Eric, here’s my contribution, written during a recent bout of insomnia:

    Witness to dreams, whispered cares
    Bravest plans, secret prayers,
    Bedpost and blanket ever remain
    Faithful, even past daybreak when
    Sparks of hope and dignity are gone,
    Pulled toward sea by the terrible dawn.

    1. Aha! You’re back, bearing offerings for the buffet Melissa 🙂

      This piece is evocative. I love the wrap – Pulled toward sea by the terrible dawn.

      Peace, Eric

  7. I really like your darker side for this one Eric. Though I must say the first one made me giggle a bit.

    Sitting straight up
    Nothing there, again
    Her sleep, restless

    Laying perfectly still
    Eyes open, staring
    Sleep now elusive

    Rolling violently left
    Smile spreads, slowly
    Bedpost knocking

    Move it!

  8. All three are “excitingly” dark, but the Count draws me most – elusive yet luring!
    Even an innocent bedpost can become hideous, LOL.

    I read all the contributions, glad that more are taking the challenge. I’m not missing out too… :

    He delivers a stinging slap.
    A torrent of tears well up.
    She turns and runs to her bed,
    hits the bedpost and faints.
    “Cut, great shot!” the Director calls.
    “That’s a wrap, folks!”

    1. Thank you Jasey,
      For your presence and contribution.
      Yes, the Count is alluring. In my opinion, no one did it better than Christopher Lee.

      Re: Your contribution. What transpired next?

      Did she sock the hero and scream, “You cad, you slapped me so hard!”

      Eric 😆

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