Prompt word > BEDPOST.

Three versions – The first titled The Sentinel. A child’s fear – or something more?

33_FF_Bedpost_The Sentinel

The second titled I SPY. We never know who or what watches.

33_FF_Bedpost_I SPY

Bram Stoker’s novel and Hammer Film’s red are the inspirations for The Count.

33_FF_Bedpost_The Count

I know, it all tends to the dark side. I just need to work on lighter themes – or perhaps you can help me out.

You are all invited to come up with your own 33-word flash-fiction, using the prompt BEDPOST.


1. Your contribution can be prose or verse.

2. It can have less than 33 words but please do not exceed 33 words.

3. Please include the word ‘bedpost’ in the body of your contribution.

You are welcome to contribute more than one version, if you wish. As usual, please post your contribution(s) in the “Comments” below.

If I don’t receive any contributions – I hereby threaten to bore you with more of my own 😆 If I do receive any contributions, I shall collate and publish them in a Flash-Fiction Gallery on 2 April with full credit and links to your blogs.


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Thank you for taking part in the Gallery and here is wishing you a great day.


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  1. OK, here goes:

    when I dreamt of falling
    I clutched out with sudden violence
    smashed my fist into the bedpost
    and scared the dog.
    I carry the bruise.
    The dog still eyes me with offended accusation.

    Still snowing here but otherwise all is well. God bless you and your household.

    1. I am so happy you could join us 🙂

      Yes, when humans commit weird stuff, I wonder what our pets are thinking:
      Cat #1: There he goes, leaving his cell phone on the dining table.
      Cat #2: He started the car engine.
      Cat #1: Wait for it. Three – Two – One – Now!
      Man: Honey! Can you fetch me my cell phone?
      Cat #1: See? Now, wait for it.
      Wife: Get it yourself!
      Cat #1: I love re-runs.
      Cat #2: Can we go out now and watch the silly neighbour’s dog chase after the car.
      Cat #1: One day, he will catch it.
      Cat #2: I can’t wait for a dog-free neighbourhood!

      Yes, I gathered Winter is reluctant to leave.

      Glad that all is well Carroll. Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones,

  2. Hi Eric, Here is my attempt at the Bedpost.


    “She jerked awake. Lying still listening for the interloper, scanning the room and saw a tall figure at the foot of the bed. Aiming the pistol under her pillow, she shot the bedpost.”


  3. The tearful child hung her Christmas stocking on the bedpost, already knowing Santa wouldn’t come this year. So when she woke next morning she didn’t even bother to feel for the presents inside.

  4. I could see what looked like an iron bedpost jutting out of the rubble. My house, my bed, demolished by the vast lump of space debris which had fallen unexpectedly from the sky.

  5. I though I would toss my 33 words into the ring just for fun.

    Knobby and curvaceous;
    The bedpost quadruplets keep silent watch over me while I sleep.
    How nice it is to be guarded by such solid members of society.
    Now off to dreamland I go.

    This kind of writing is more difficult than it looks, but it is fun. 🙂

    1. Hello Maryam,

      Thank you and happy this stood out – pun 🙂
      You are right – fears are mostly mind tricks – many harmless, some deadly.

      Peace, Eric

  6. This looks like fun, and lots of great contributions so far. Let’s see here…

    Spoiled cream by the mantle, the house in shambles.
    Scritch and scratch. There is no going back.
    Perched on bedpost, over sleeping form.
    A brownie turned boggart is a thing to mourn.

    Dang 33 words is challenging.

    1. Hello Jessica,

      A brownie turned boggart – I doubt anyone would want that looking over their sleeping form.

      Welcome aboard and thank you for this contribution,
      P/s Yup – keeping within 33 words is challenging.

    1. Hello Amanda,

      Thank you for your interest in the 33-word flash-Fiction. Yes, it is fun.

      I have a full schedule and don’t really want to take on more. So, I’m afraid I’ve to pass on the 50 words a day.

      Have fun, Eric

  7. I loved your words in all the three,different ones yet ,beautifully done! I feel this about the prompt!

    are pillars of pure human character
    carrying him on this earth
    with utmost gravity
    like the bedposts that
    hold high the intricate cover
    saving us from the tiny enemies.

    1. Thank you Soumya – kind as ever 🙂

      This is lovely. Morphing pillars of humanity into bedposts of security – against the little enemies in our hearts and minds.

      You’re on,

    1. There you go – and I absolutely agree.

      Children see dark things take shape and sometimes, so do adults. In the morning light, we laugh it off. There is something about sunlight that infuses courage – what the eyes can’t see, the mind runs wild with it’s interpretation, I suppose.

  8. Liked the first one a lot.. Even clothes in the hanger can scare us, I suppose. My contribution below:

    The limping horse is flogged after his slow ride. He stands still while his master trashes in bed.

    You trash anything
    that cannot hit back
    My legs are little more
    than your bedposts

    1. I like this intertwining of the worlds – man and beast; dream and reality; driver and driven; corporeal pain and ethereal guilt. An excellent effort, in my opinion.

      And just pipped at 33 too 🙂

      P/s I forgot. Thank you for the compliment.

  9. Oh what fun, excellent use of BEDPOST in your work..i wish i can come up with something which will make you proud…will start working on it.
    see my problem is not content but to keep it in the word limit.
    yay this is fun will send you something soon
    Thanks a ton Eric.

    1. My dear dear Soma,

      Your participation is reward enough for me 🙂

      I’m sure you can pull it off. But no pressure. I’ll wait with great expectation – did I just pressure you? Sorry.

      Luv and blessings,

  10. Eric I agree that your pieces are all on the dark side but I did like the concept of getting frightened by the bedpost- it has also happened to me. I went off and wrote a light hearted ‘poem’ but when I came back to your blog I saw Overextended’s piece about the ballet shoes. It is a masterful response to your challenge. You have done it again! I offer two light pieces of doggerel for your quick review

    Up and down they played,
    Bouncing ‘til the bed swayed.
    W’re tossed on stormy seas
    They cried sinking to their knees
    Fun to travel in this way
    Only the bedpost as solid stay

    A plea from his sorrowing wife.
    ‘You’ve had a good long life.
    Now it wouldn’t take much
    To respond to my touch’
    But he grasped the bedpost
    And, turning, let go his ghost.


    1. Wow, Jane dear,

      I was logged in when your contributions arrived. Love them both. The second one set me thinking – hence this delayed reply. I’m going to use them both.

      Yes, “Overextended” came with a masterful piece.

      Going by the three so far – the buffet looks set to be a lovely offering.

      All good wishes,

    1. LOL – Ian, that’s a clever way to pass the buck back.

      But I’ve been rescued by a contribution from “overextended” out of Ohio.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Have not read any new posts from you – looks like the new place is keeping you busy.

    2. My daughter and her children are visiting from the US, that has kept me very busy but I’ve at least tried to keep up with what you and others are positing. Should be back to normal next week.

  11. My first shot. Why not try, right?

    Dyed scarlet pointe shoes dangle
    from the bedpost.

    Calves cramp. Sleep is fleeting.

    a thousand calorie diet,
    a bruised self-image, and
    a shred of hope

    to be the next swan.

    1. That’s the spirit and very well written too.

      POV of a ballerina, and coming from a man. Or does this apply to male ballet dancers too? Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m groping here.

      Good one,

      1. Well, it certainly applies to male dancers as well, but pointe shoes are limited to women only. So I guess for this one, it is just an interesting POV. Looks Like I’ve found some fun writing challenges for my future!

    1. I’m not surprised.

      I toyed with – “Laughing out loud – the bedpost!” – as a wrap, but decided to leave it as is.

      Who knows what tricks the eyes and mind play on one shaking off sleep.

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