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On 6 March, I posted a 33-word Flash-Fiction > Portrait > and invited contributions. The response was very encouraging. Here below is the Gallery of all the contributions (not in any particular order).

In my opinion, they are excellent and provide varying POVs. Please join me in reading, relishing and thanking the contributors for their unstinting generosity.

Baarbaara, blogging as baarbaarathesheep, shares the memory of her beautiful puppy, Willow, who passed away a few years ago.


Jane Stansfeld, blogging as jsfeld, adapted her poem to present us with her contribution. No matter how crowded the public arena, we do zero in on the one who shines in our hearts.


Jasey, who does not blog, and is from the corporate world, gives us a take on modern day snake-oil vendors.


Melissa Perera, blogging as Travelbag writing lab, and who lived in West Africa, speaks of her true-life experiences and her friend, Naharatou.


Penny Coho, blogging as thewhyaboutthis, came with her “stark” take. This is remarkable as she normally writes inspirational pieces.


Last but certainly not least, Val Logar, blogging as QBG_Tilted Tiara, came with a dark version that delves into the pain of some relationships.


Wonderful, how they all told a complete story and in so few words – 33 or less. Congratulations 🙂

I also received a couple of other contributions that omitted the prompt word “portrait”. In all fairness to the above contributors and in keeping with the guidelines, I did not include those here. However, I plan to compile them into a Random Gallery in due course.

Once again, I trust and hope all of you enjoyed this tour of the 33-Word Flash Fiction Gallery.

Tomorrow, I’ll return with a new 33-word flash fiction of mine with a prompt word. Hope you can join in and contribute.


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