We vote in leaders who made promises.

Question: Whom did they make these promises to?

To the electorate or some shadowy cigar-chomping Brotherhood of the Damned.


Someone once said, the best place to hide something is to display it in a public place.

There is much written that can be broadly classified under “Conspiracy Theory”. Unfortunately, much of that is now firmly in the realms of UFOs, Loch Ness and Big Foot – and adherents looked upon as a motley fringe of society

Every conflict exacted terrible loss of human lives. The perpetrators and even kings and presidents have lost thrones, power and more.

But not everyone lost.

Ultimately, who pulls the strings?

Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper
Image credit @ Free HDWallpaper

They sit not on the thrones – those are reserved for puppets pouting piss and pomposity.

Discern and you might catch glimpses of the spiders’ silk – faint, fine and firm – fully in control.





  1. Wow, there is so much you say in so few words. That is much like someone in power, who leaves a lot up to mind control and having others follow his or her actions. You are a master of the words, my friend. Powerful.

    1. Ah, Christy B,

      I wondered where you’ve been. Lovely to have you visit. Trust the weekend turned out well.

      It is your thoughts that give life to my words and I thank you for it.

      Have a great week ahead, my friend 😀

      1. Ah yes, Eric, it appears I am behind in my blogging reads. I make time for friends like you! It was a good weekend and I hope you had a nice one too. It’s nice you missed me too 🙂

  2. So true. Our leaders hide in plain sight. This sums it up nicely: “Discern and you might catch glimpses of the spiders’ silk – faint, fine and firm – fully in control.”

    1. Hello Madhu,

      I believe most people believe their politicians are the pits – so we need to have a run-off. And I believe we will all win 😀

      Interesting thing is – these clowns get elected, election after election or replaced by new batches of clowns.

      So much for common sense, huh?

    1. Sad but true, Wolfie.

      Many with clear conscience take up the responsibilities of “leadership” but succumb quickly. This happens in every single country, I reckon.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Yes…I noticed that with my boss actually! Though the majority of “leaders” never had a clear conscience in the first place to be corrupted by power!!

        Hope you had a great weekend and are all set for the week ahead 🙂

      2. Hello Wolfie,

        Yes, I am well and hope all is well over there too.

        I believe most (not all) but most leaders start off with high principles. But the corrupting influence of fame and power is insidious and relentless, and most times made worse by people around them – family, friends, cronies.

        Have great week ahead too, dear,
        Eric 🙂

  3. Religious, Politicians, Corruption, Ireland, the world, there is no escaping we’ll get by by being honest with ourselves and those around us – continue with the thought process that brought you here – we are all inspired by it. The future starts here.

    1. Very true Chris,

      Instead of bemoaning and giving up with “I’m only one, what can I do?” – we can all contribute. Everything starts with “one”.

      Thank you for your ever kind words of encouragement,

    1. Hello Charles,

      Sadly, this is prevalent in all countries but in varying degrees for now, I reckon. But with “globalization” – it is fast evening up for the worst.

      Peace, Eric

  4. I did a google on Mammon and it says : “Word usually used to describe ill-gotten gain, but in this case: massive female tits! ” LOL.

    But you are right in your post, and this is a worldwide practice. I did say the speaker laughs all the way to the bank. Promises ???

  5. I agree with you. There exist a few people in the background which ultimately pulls the strings. The most people don’t think about that. They believe only what papers or TV tell them.

    1. Hello Bernd,

      Thank you for your visit and first comment (?) I believe.

      Whenever a conflict erupts, trace the breadcrumbs and we’ll be surprised – it does not stop at the presidential mansion, palace or parliament. But the flashing lights of the paparazzi “blinds” most of us and we go no further.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Thank you Richard,

      As you know, I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and you write well thought out articles. The fact that “establishment” might frown on it does not diminish the merits of your arguments.

      Hiding truth is akin to covering a lighted candle with cotton fluffs. Your articles are candles.

      Peace, Eric

      1. Ah, my friend – this is one comment you are powerless to disagree 🙂

        Because you see – it is my opinion. True, false, lost, overboard – whatever – but still my opinion – and I know that even if you disagree, you also respect another’s opnion.

        Let us agree not to disagree with my opnion 🙂

  6. I like the idiom ” the best place to hide something is in public” 🙂

    promises were made to their kith and kin,
    to nurture their bank accounts to live and debauch…
    to feed their progeny for fifteen generations…
    on the sweat and blood of the unfortunate
    who blindly believe that they would change
    their life for the better…

    1. Now isn’t that simply wonderful 🙂

      You just grab an idea and turned it into verse – and brimming with truth.

      That second-last line led somewhere – then suddenly, the last line threw open the door with a surprising twist.

      Marvellous Aparna,
      P/s Loved your recent poem 🙂

    1. Very true – I wonder who first said that but he/she sure saw much!

      How many times have people walked past the same spot – to work, to the supermart, back home and not seen something.

      Okay, this is literal but the figurative is even more mind blowing.

      Thank you for the visit and comment,

  7. I was once told by a politician that promises are just promises, but the electorate doesn’t seem to get that part. That’s unfair if you ask me. I also agree that the best place to hide something is to keep it in public. Perhaps that why this cycle is still alive.

  8. So, basically, you’re saying that the priestly hierarchies are actually worshiping Mammon, right?… Good call…. they’re such a….es… 🙄 Sorry, had to try it out…. 😉

    1. Well Ned – the Smileys are smiling 🙂

      Let’s not stop with the priests shall we – let’s throw in whole dollops of politicians. That’ll be a sight – politicians and priests in the pit bull ring 😈

      1. Aye, I can deal with that scenario…. the buttheads who don’t become priests usually end up as politicians anyway…. 😆

        Yes, they are…..

      2. Ned – what time is it over there? Shouldn’t you be in bed.

        It is 1.00 PM Friday 8 March here – my lunch break. I think I am in your future – or is it the past?

      3. Eric… it’s now 2130 on March 7 here, and I’m going to bed soon, as I usually get up to write the day’s Pearl at about 0530 or 6…. but, it’s all variable, because at my age, sleep is kind of a hit and miss thing most of the time…. My back pain often cuts the night short, but, that’s part of life, so… any who… you are in my future, so to speak… is it nice there?…. In the future, I mean….

      4. Okay just a quick one before you catch your beauty sleep.

        Future – yes, I am in your future, one day ahead to mess up this world before you get here.

        Wait a minute – the priests and politicians beat us both to it.

        I know what I’ll do, I’ll slip a bomb in a bag and label it money. That should get them! No, better still – two bombs, two bags – one labelled “money” and the other labelled “honey pot”.

      5. They can read? You’d better use pictures….Hmm… maybe, I can fix up the bombs-in-a-bag, and mail them to them where you are, in the future… you just have to push a button when it’s delivered, & voila, ex-priest/politician! Works for me…. 😆

    1. Hmmm, yes they are pitiful – not because of their innocence but because of their naivety, I reckon.

      The irony is, most puppets think they are in control or can manage the Cigar-Chompers.

      The trainers think they are actually in control of the Big Cats. Step on the Big Cats’ tails and see how quickly their heads are bitten off.

  9. Kings, Presidents, Chief Ministers or whatever you like to call the ultimate face of leadership are not as powerful as they seem. They are there so a shadowy group who control them can use them as a fall guy should the population suddenly discover they are being ripped off and look for someone to hang.

    1. Hello Ian,

      Absolutely! Spot on!

      And I believe you say this in both the literal and metaphorical sense.


      P/s My daughter mentioned about a shooter running loose in Brisbane. Will have to check ABC later.

  10. That is true best place to hide something is keep it public that is why those sitting in parliaments fight to be the keeper,lie cheat sabotage kill to be ministers of such plum posts
    Very powerful Haiku Eric.

    1. Ah, my lovely lovely Soma,

      Your thoughts I have missed, as I have missed your presence. I trust and hope that all is well with you and your loved ones.

      The powerful remain wolves only because most people remain sheep and I don’t mean the so-called uneducated villagers. Come to think of it – most villagers are probably wiser than most so-called educated people who are blinded by Mammon.

      Well, I might go to hell but guess what, I’ll be waiting for these politicians and “big-shots” – with my pitchfork ready 😈

      Peace and hugz,

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