Not exactly haiku…

These words contain several metaphors. What do they say to you?

There are no right or wrong answers…all gaze into the mirror and take away that which they see.



  1. I had two thoughts: When the fisher of men finds less than stellar fish in his net, how much of that is the men and how much is a reflection of the fisherman? Also, I wonder sometimes if the answer to THAT question has a lot to do with what happens AFTER the men are caught…..

    1. Hello Laurie – this is a well thought through contribution. Yes, it is a reflection on the fisher and the fished on both thoughts. – Eric

      P/s I posted a comment in your blog Narrowly escaped death today. It is probably sitting in your blog spam folder. Anway, here is what I said:

      “This goes off in many tangents – one a turning into a howler…”

    1. That is great – this post is also quite political. The ‘fisher of men’ turned out to be quite a red herring.

      Thank you for your visit and kind comment. Cheers, Eric

    2. P/s I posted a comment on your > Tribute to the giving tree. It did not come through but here it is – We are killing our lungs. (It is probably sitting in your blog spam folder)

  2. I think that (just my opinion) it has to do with going out and doing things for God. We are fishers of men and we are supposed to live for God and also go out and be witnesses. We are supposed to go out and bring those who don’t know God to become a follower of Christ. We are fishers of men.

  3. Eric, it all depends upon where we cast our nets, whether we collect offal or whether we collect saints-in-the-making. Also, the nature of the “catch” is determined by which type of fish monger we choose to conduct business with, doesn’t it?

  4. Okay I know “fishers of men” is more related to religion but when I first read this I thought of our current government who are desperate to hang on to power and are steadily lowering their standards to try to buy (catch?) votes.
    Anyway their catch is diminishing as is the quality. 🙂

    1. The religious angle is obvious but I am very impressed by this, a political slant. Refreshing indeed. A few other commentators also came up with non-religious views. Creativity and wisdom has no bounds.

      I reckon you speak of the Aussie govt, but I think it applies to a good many govts around the world. In this event, guess who the offal are…

  5. Too bad the ‘net’ has no intelligence to differentiate qualities in the men gathered. One can only sift through and determine which is useful and which ones are to be tossed back into the sea!… and perhaps too, even the offal may be put to good use if considered carefully. Sometimes the least becomes the greatest if we maximise on their potential. There are several perspectives racing through my thoughts but I think I’ll stop here. Very provocative post as always.

    1. Very true – there are many interpretations and done deliberately so. I see that you’ve picked up on quite a few. I like especially the positivity you convey > “even the offal may be put to good use if considered carefully”

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