1. LOL….I like your humor….although this saga is in our nature, with a little tweaking and redirecting of our thoughts and spoken words, we would find our own minds are our worst enemies or our best friends….. 🙂

  2. I think it is difficult for us to enter into any relationship without tripping into pride and attempting to exert influence over one another.

  3. In a family, I think the older ones normally are self-appointed pharoahs until the slaves rebel or outfight them – either mentally or physically. The pharoahs ruling often gets overthrown though the element is suppressed to be manifested at the next opportune time. But typically this occurence is also apparent in work or any social gatherings.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t envy the people who work hard, produce ‘real’ goods and services and contribute to humanity through jobs, etc.

      I am dead set against all the vultures who line the street between farmer/producer and consumer. What takes a dollar to produce costs the consumer about seven dollars due to all the ‘markets’ > or more specifically the speculators in the commodity market, the stock market and the money markets. I would love to lock away these blue suited crooks.

    1. In thousands of years, nothing much has changed – that is human evolution I suppose…marching on the spot with an occasional change of music.

  4. Fantastic!
    I really like the look of these short poems of yours, and the content speaks for itself.
    I have a dream; I am driving down the free-way and see your quotes life size on a billboard.What an awakening that would be..


    1. Oh, Jackie – you are so very sweet with this compliment. Thank you dear.

      We drive along the highway and pass billboards…we ignore most, remember some and in time forget most of these, but sometimes we remember one or two… forever. Sometimes I wonder, we focus on the destination…but perhaps, the journey is the destination.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Yes, that would be lovely.

      When we read history about people worshipping the ‘golden calf’, we wonder how people can be so myopic…wonder no more!

      1. Nice thought.

        Frankly, I think we ought to turn governance over to women > the men had their chance and made a royal mess!

    1. I posted the following comment in your Silence (FSF) – it probably sits in your WP spam folder. Anyway, here goes > prompt word Silence, 5 sentence fiction >

      She is quiet but very loud in what she does not say. Quite often she argues not to demolish but to embellish. She is the perfect teacher, who teaches without words. She is the perfect taskmaster who reprimands quietly. She is my conscience.

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