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(Edwin’s wife, Lucy, reads the journal written by his mentor, Laozi the former underworld boss. The old man had written about his love Mei Ling, a former call girl who died from syphilis)

Lucy turned the pages and stopped. “Here the last few paragraphs about Mei Ling. Many of the lines are smudged, perhaps tear drops but I can’t tell for sure…fear I may not do justice to the emotions that drove these lines.”

She gathered her thoughts and read in whispers. “I never cheated on her, but she…she did not have a choice. She let time catch her. I placed her in the soil she so loved and beautiful red roses bloomed above her. I like to think it reflected the purity of her heart. She had finally given her body to a worthwhile cause. Men robbed her of everything and even the gods outdid themselves by the manner in which they condemned her to die.” Lucy sniffed and continued.

“Fifteen years later the government reclaimed the land. It was heartless of them to intrude into her privacy, into the nakedness of her death. I wish I did not have to bear witness but she had no one. I was there when they opened her coffin. The wood had held and that crushed me…The government man insisted that I identify her body…Identify her body? No father should bury his child, no man made to exhume his… Now, she waits for me…but not for long.”

(An Extract from my novel – Beck And Call, A Business Thriller Set In Singapore)

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