Flash-fiction…word count 33 or less…

“This is excellent steak.”

“Thank you. When it comes to meats, Joan is the best.”

“Pity she couldn’t join us. You guys sorted out your problems?”


“How so?”

“You’re eating her.”



    1. Thank you for your compliment.

      If you feel multiple and seemingly opposing emotions, it means the story/presentation is multi faceted – so, laugh, gasp – great reactions all 🙂

    1. Strange Jane, my dear buddy – your comment went into my spam folder! I don’t believe that WP can be so mean.

      Glad this post did not put you off – it is not my usual genre, just experimenting – like you, unafraid to attempt new things 🙂

      1. WP puts the odd thing into spam for me too..how very dare it!! Experimenting is good and I have found that pushing through walls brings magic into my life xx

  1. Served with a nice wine I presume? LOL Nice, compact, complete–you did a good job with this one Eric. But all the same…ewww!

    1. Awwwgh! Jeaanie, my dear…

      It is about 9.40 PM here in Singapore. I’m sitting here nursing a glass of wine and you come along and say what 🙂 Served with a nice wine I presume? – LOL. Fortunately, I did not have a steak this evening. You gave me a real great laugh – If I could, I would reach over and give you a great big hug 🙂

      But you’re right – it is a ewwww!

    1. Hello Yasmin – welcome aboard and thank you for your compliment.

      Yes, Tales of the Unexpected – always a shocker in the finale, if I remember right…

    1. Hello Anita – I don’t know what to make of this – you say ‘gruesome’ and add a smiley 🙂 Wow!

      But I read your post The Stapler and can understand your style of narration.

  2. Eeeuuuhh.. and I thought we do not know what they serve us in China, human meat to replace pork or chicken. Shucks, now I get worried everytime I ask for a steak. This is not simply horror, it is gruesome.

    1. Thank you Pak Subhan…

      And how would you like it, sir > well done, medium rare…ketchup to go… 🙂 Urrrgh!

      I wonder what the chicken and other livestock think of us humans…

      1. Again, the story was brilliantly well-crafted, Cik Eric. I found it horrifying yet amusing to read the ending, nevertheless the narrative says it all. It’s a 5 Star! 🙂

        Subhan Zein

  3. Now there’s a point. It was supposed to be horror and I found it to be amusing. Perhaps we are being conditioned too much by the television and media outlets to accept the bizarre as normal and horror as entertainment.

    1. Very true Ian – media has numbed us and that which was bizarre is the “new norm”

      It is amazing the number of zombie, walking dead, cutesy teenage vampires, etc now flaunted as main stream entertainment. Eating a spouse for dinner is so ordinary…exit Bela Lugosi-Christopher Lee/Drakul and take with you Hugh Heffner/Playboy > bring on the real stuff!

  4. It must be something in the phase of the moon. . .if you read my 55 worder that’s tomorrow’s (4-11) post, you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

      1. You’re right — a very scary moon! 🙂 I pressed your piece to juxtaposition with mine. Perhaps our two malevolents will incite a few goosebumps. Funny about the timing though.

      2. Hello Fay,

        Yup, these two will make a perfect couple. I wonder if my ‘guy’ is carrying on with your Polyanna – and his poor wifey ended up on the dinner table…hmmm, shall we develop this on line, I wonder… 🙂

    1. Hello Dee,

      I feel compelled to say this and hope it comes across right > you grasp very quickly the intentions behind a person’s words. Have you considered doing book reviews – I think you’ll make a great reviewer…

      Luv and peace, Eric

      1. Hello Eric,
        Thanks for the lovely compliment, am much obliged. Frankly I have not considered doing book reviews, but now you’ve got me thinking. 🙂
        Shalom, Dee

      1. It was a tease. If it was meant to be a horror flick and someone found it funny…

        But hey, who says horror cannot be funny 🙂

      2. lol!
        I get it now. See, now maybe it was just me and my crazy mind, but in my mind, that was really funny. Horrific, but funny. It was, however, definetly a horror flick, so don’t worry about that. 🙂

  5. Perhaps I shouldn’t comment over here being a real Vegetarian since 12&sweeping away meat from every dish I had before…but I loved the message behind it..

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