Flash fiction horror – limited to 33 words or less…

The rules: – Write a horror story in 33 words. Do not use any images. If a picture paints a thousand words – my flash fiction will total 1,033 words!

Over the next few weeks, on and off, I shall post several flash fictions – horror and other genres – 33 words or less.

This is not easy…but fun!



    1. Thank you Connie. Appreciate the visit and comment, Eric

      P/s I left a comment in your post > The Best Gift. Let me know if it did not come through (probably went into your spam)

  1. Eric, is there ANY genre you cannot master? I think not, dear friend. I really am chilled to the bone and await the next flash fiction (hopefully bringing a flashlight–tee,hee!)

  2. Hey Eric… you’ve inspired me. I’ll give it a try:

    He’s Lost His Mind

    My neck burns…
    Something I ate?
    Dizzy now, the room starts to swirl.
    I see a flash
    and turn my head quickly.
    A thump, I see the blade
    and my headless body falling.

    1. My goodness, Steve – this is simply fabulous 🙂

      I especially love the POV – from his eyes…and by the end…from a disembodied head!

      Write somemore please – you’ve got yourself a fan in me 🙂

  3. Let’s try this again. My fingers are crossed. Let me know what you think.

    “The hairs on the back of his neck stood stiff at the eerie noises coming from the deep recesses of the pitch black cellar that even the flashlight beam couldn’t penetrate. “

    1. Got it Susan. Thanks!

      Looks good as it is, though purists might point out that for a ‘story’ – there needs to an intro, a body and an end.

      Having said that – I’m not one to be stifled by rules and it looks great for me. Well done 🙂

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