Flash fiction horror – limited to 33 words or less…

The rules: – Write a horror story in 33 words. Do not use any images. If a picture paints a thousand words – my flash fiction will total 1,033 words!

Over the next few weeks, on and off, I shall post several flash fictions – horror and other genres – 33 words or less.

This is not easy…but fun!



  1. I work in light so this was a complete departure for me…so well done for stretching my boundaries my lovely buddy. It’s Ying and Yang isn’t it? To have light we need darkness? Much love to you xxx

      1. Actually not late, Jane – it is about 5.20 in the evening here…I’ll probably get back on line later tonight, if possible. Luv and hugz, Eric

    1. Thank you my dear – what a lovely compliment 🙂 Thanks Eva.

      P/s I tried to post a comment on your blog – Rapist Pig – but the system prompts for my email, name, blood group, etc 🙂 Can you look at the settings or perhaps WP is playing up.

  2. Well done. I started to give it a go, but quickly saw that I don’t want to write horror stories. To scare people? I’m waiting for you to move on to butterflies, heroism, adventure, maybe even love stories. OK, but you did do it well.

    1. Horror is a new genre for me. As it stands, I prefer thrillers (both my novels are thrillers – business & espionage).

      Yes, if I get hooked on this, I’ll certainly attempt other genres…

      Happy blogging and all good wishes with your GP series.

  3. Wow, in 33 words you made my heart ache! Made me think of the time I hit a ground hog on a back country road. I was devastated. I got out and sat with the little guy until his last gasp. I’ve watched cats, on more than one occasion, killed by vehicles in front of me and it was so humbling….I felt so powerless. Good job! Thank you for finding my blog so I could in turn find you. Looking forward tor reading more of your work.

    1. Thank you for your return visit and comment.

      A flash fiction forces one to really condense one’s thoughts and come up with an intro, body and end.

      Shall pop over to read your blog.

      All good wishes, Eric

      1. 🙂 When people take the trouble to visit, read, tick Like and even post a comment – this is the least I can do, provided I’m at my desk. It is late and I’m gonna turn in now – good night 🙂

        P/s I’ll drop by your blog in the morning. Meanwhile, poke around and make yourself at home…

      2. Hmm. I will see if i can fix that. That is confusing because I follow your blog so it should let me see your comments. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Eric, I’m glad to see you take this up. I thought then that the genre would suit your writing style 🙂

    I look forward to many more gems from you. And yes, do remind us of words like ‘filigrees’ for us. I’m always eyes for rare words. 🙂

    Best wishes!

    1. Ah, thank you for your visit and kind words.

      You write a genre and in a style that I enjoy very much and not once encountered elsewhere. Unique and thoroughly mesmerizing.

      I use words from memory and seldom if ever look up a dictionary…will let it flow and see what appears 🙂

      All good wishes friend.

      1. Thank you for the encouragement, Eric.

        It is a boon if your warehouse of words is well stocked, letting you draw at will. As for me, I have a special place reserved for the Endangered Words category!

  5. Great idea! Yours? If so, how did you come up with 33 words? (If not, is it explained?) Just curious…

    Should we let you know what our attempts look like? Definitely a good exercise for creativity!

    1. I read this prompt in Haphazard Linkages about a week ago but included the restriction on not using images. Feel free to erect your own walls but has to be a story – intro, body and conclusion.


      I’ve seen other blogs also using 33 words > about genres other than horror. You can also use any word count restriction – 100, 300, 600 words. My micro fictions are usually 600 words or less. It’s a free world.

      Go ahead and post on your blog and I’ll drop by for a visit…

      1. I read your flash fiction posted on 13 April > Living, Regrets Undying:

        Oh, dear God – based on a true story you say? This is simply heartwrenching. It sent a chill down my back and I’ve broken out into goosebumps as I post this comment…

  6. Wow, the flash fiction is spooky. It could be anything that was knocked – was the victim real, a werewolf or her own imagination because she was drunk.
    The story was short but very clear – almost like a sub-headline in bold in a news report that gives you the outline of the entire incident before you read the detail story. This is totally radical, you really say so much with so little and incredibly clear.

  7. It’s so amazing how a story can be spun in 33 words or less! “Drunken stop” is so meaning-laden, in lieu of a couple of paragraphs. I like the ending “Replaced by howls”. Looking forward to reading more flash fiction horror stories.

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