1. I am reminded of Julian Barnes who, in his book Nothing to be Freightened of, wrote that we either fear death, or we fear dying. Not both. Thanks for the blog, and thanks for stopping by mine.

  2. I fear that I won’t learn to just appreciate the now moments. I fear having the forever pursuit of the future. The feeling of “if I can just get through high school, if I can just get through college, if I can just get through grad school…”

  3. Wow, it is an amazing expression of Fear.
    And I would like to thank you for liking Daylight Tune Ministry Blog post on “Actor/Actress”.

    1. We all fail sometimes, I reckon. But as we both know, that doesn’t keep us from trying again.

      Thank you Dennis. Always a pleasure to have you visit and share your thoughts.

      Cheers, Eric

  4. the unknown is fearful…yet how many have been on the edge of death only to return and spoke of absolute peace while in ‘that place’? For me, it isn’t death so much as thinking I will no longer be present here to be with my family and possibly leave something unsaid or undone that is necessary for their peace of mind. Some things we just can’t know and have to operate in faith that ‘God will take care of you.’ Easier said than done because we’re human. Awesome post Eric and so thought provoking!

    1. Thank you Jeannie for this sharing.

      We think alike and share the same fears with regards to family. And you are right, we do so much and for the rest, trust in Him.

      Have a blessed week, Eric 🙂

  5. Lotsa comments on death. I thought it was a dead topic…..Woody Allen said he wasn’t afraid of death. But he didn’t want to be there when it happened.

  6. This may seem a little odd in relation to other comments…but I am afraid of black bears. More specifically, of being attacked by one when I am on a walk in the bush, away from loved ones and help. I somehow manage to imagine my screams going unheard, with no help around. Of course, I only think about this when I am actually on the walk, which results in intense anxiety. And yet I still go for my walks, carrying a whistle in my pocket, just in case. Despite this phobia. It’s my effort at being Brave. The fear itself is symbolic of something deeper…of being alone when under attack, and the unavoidable helplessness. It’s being at the mercy of something or someone that is stronger, more powerful, intent on ending my life. The idea of my voice being silenced, the anguished suffering, and the loss it would bring to my children are immobilizing in the moment. So I suppose the black bear is a very small piece of something greater….something that reveals itself in many other ways…

    1. There is nothing odd about this Candace. In fact, this is raw sharing by you and hints of a very courageous and open soul – which has my deep respect.

      I know of a man afraid of caterpillars – and for him, that fear is real.

      Yes, the fear for the well being of our loved ones – that is real for many of us.

      Luv and peace, Eric

  7. The main thing I fear about death is the MANNER of it. Having survived one murder attempt on my life some years ago, I just pray to keel over in my roses at an advanced age, just like my grandfather! What a blessing that would be! Thank you for prodding us to “think on these things” today, dear Eric! Have a MOST blessed Palm Sunday weekend, okay–and a truly uplifting Holy Week!

    1. Yes, Granbee – that is something we all wish for when time knocks – simply keel over, don’t be a burden, go with dignity.

      I recall you mentioning the murder attempt! Gosh, that must have been traumatic.

      The week all planned, starting with Mass tomorrow, Palm Sunday 🙂

    1. Yes, the very thought of losing a loved one can be debilitating – certainly for me.

      Crabs in the garden – hmmm, many people harbour their own “crabs’ I reckon. You seem to have a solution – well done Fiona 🙂

  8. I have a pseudonym for FEAR
    This has helped me so much. It helps me put fear in perspective and learn to be an overcomer in Jesus.

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