1. When the curtain veils your Singapore stage, it is lifted here in America. Half a day later, your drama begins anew, while ours drifts into the dream time.

    1. Ah! The original 24 by 7 entertainment channel – now playing, the longest running reality show with maximum viewership and audience participation : LIFE

  2. You, the creator, set the stage.
    And then, with others, you create
    your reality,
    as in:
    I am the creator
    and I am responsible.

    Blessings, Helena

    1. Good one Helena,

      I notice several layers in this…at one level, you’ve touched on the Truth behind human existence.

      All good wishes, Eric 🙂

  3. WOW Eric.. Let me tell you . I don’t do Poetry.. I hated it in school so many years ago . My wife writes poetry at times, and it does not please her that i just don’t get it.. BUT when I read this one– for some odd reason it sends shiver down my spine. It is so simple and says so much.
    I had to re blog it. Thank you for writing this one.

    1. You are very welcome and glad this touched you. I have subscribed to your blog and hopefully might get to read some poems written by your wife 🙂

      All good wishes, Eric

    1. This is a great honour for me to be “reblogged”. Hope your ‘gang’ likes it. Cheers, Eric P/s Please check your spam – I think it just swallowed my comment

    1. Ah, my dear Celeste,

      Congratulations and thank you for this honour. I just received a HUG award from Gabby and Autumn blogging as Autumn Sunshine – minutes ago. I shall review and post in time – hopefully no deadline.

      Your blog speaks of love and hope and certainly deserves this great big HUG. Congratulations also on your 100th post > what a blast 🙂

      – Eric

    1. Ah, my favourite twins in Blogsville 🙂

      Congratulations and thank you for this honour. This is a new one for me. I shall review and post in time – hopefully no deadline.

      Your blog is full of good cheer and you make the world a better place. You deserve this great big HUG yourselves.

      – Eric 🙂

    1. This is wonderful, George. I accept this recognition.

      Congratulations to you for having landed this award. I can deduce why – by visiting your blog. Well done of you and do keep blogging 🙂

      All good wishes, Eric
      P/s Do check your spam folder as my comments on your posts are not coming through.

  4. Hey there Eric 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my two poems, going through yours here,..you’re very good! 🙂 I don’t write much poetry, I try to stick with song/lyrics. Take care, be safe


    1. Thank you Danny – will return to read your posts. Songs/lyrics are actually poems set to music – you are a poet, in my eyes. All good wishes with your blogging, Eric 🙂

    1. Hello Kiloy,

      My personal observation is – most people never (repeat) never learn from their past failures and successes.

      An anecdote (as sample only, of one such success story): I know a film producer with a television hit that he ascribed to his own prowess instead of his team’s efforts. His successes got to his head, he resigned in a huff to launch his own production house. After three years, he has been unable to pull off even one (not one) wedding shoot…he refuses to delve into what made his earlier production a ‘hit’.

      If we care to consider, in love, career as in life – we face very repetitive challenges that have only a fairly limited number of responses. But most people are confused by the ‘props’ and see each challenge as unique…

      Peace, Eric

      1. No man is an island and showing gratitude for the love and support of those around us lifts us all…you are ‘spot-on’ with this observation Eric..I am grateful for our paths crossing as your encouragement and support is lovely to have..love to you and Lisa xxx

      2. Absolutely true. (I mean the observation that we are confused by the ‘props’).

        I’m optimistic in the sense that I do see change (development? learning? growth?) in others and myself. It’s just that it tends to be slow and fitful at best.

        The thing is, the things I actually learn from failures and successes tend to have more the character of memory – as if I’m remembering something I already instinctively knew. Or should have known. It’s kind of … “oh, that’s right …” rather than “I never imagined…”.

        I wonder if our ability to learn certain ‘lessons’ might be related to our temperament and personality – or ‘where we are’ and what we’re able to.

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