1. I see another blogger has already quoted the Bard…but nevertheless you really reinforce the power of a Haiku. Succinct yet it inspires so much thoughtfulness =) I don’t know if you have previously posted the poem from your comments “a chameleon” but if you haven’t already please do post that anew. It is just as much of a gem as “Drama” =)

    1. The “Chameleon” was a spur of the moment (took about two minutes) response to my dear friend Rose (blogging as Granbee) whom I ‘met’ in Blogsville.

      Due to a tight schedule, I usually work over the weekends on blog posts and prearrange for release, weeks ahead. I usually don’t post on weekends, keeping these two days for impromptu posts. In any event, one of my regulars (Jasey) usually teases me about how ‘heavy’ and thought provoking my posts are and requested time to fully ‘digest’ – I suppose the weekend break works out well.

      I do apologise that there are no plans to make a post of this poem for the moment. Thank you for your understanding. Peace, Eric

      1. It was just a suggestion, well Eric not all of us can manage to post something deep and meaningful in just two minutes! Anyways as long as you keep sharing it doesn’t matter when. Regards, Que

    1. Congratulations Jane.
      Yes, Steph has been busy spreading love and happiness these last few days. I can understand that you are a Beautiful Blogger (wink) but moi?
      I am thankful for your friendship and this award.
      Here is hoping for fairer winds for you and yours. Luv and hugz, Eric

  2. What’s on the programme, opera I hope! Preferably one like La Bohème so I can cry.! You can play that all day, every day. 😀
    Love and hugs dear Eric

  3. So true Eric and you wrote it with such beauty…life is every thing that happens when we are awake and every thing that preps up while we are asleep..players may add or go away, may be the backgrounds will change but what we do with them is what makes our life hell or heaven

    1. Glad you found it so – our scripts might be written for us, but as actors, we add the finishing touches, make our choices…some become stars, most remain as actors…

  4. Your post reminds me of the famous lines of William Shakespeare
    All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts.

    Fully agree with your point that
    Assess the situation and act accordingly 🙂

    Lovely blog u have Eric !!!

  5. I wonder the various possibilities : is the similar situation always for us to re-inforce what we have learnt or to share with others the lesson or to perform better this time or we ourselves have fallen into a routine. But the curtains are up and we hope to get it right – the role that we have to complete.
    P.S. I have a complaint : It’s Friday, shouldn’t we be getting a light-hearted posting. Where’s Mechanic Leigh hiding ??

    1. The possibilities of possibilities…remember that one?

      …and what is our role? Does society dictate how we ought to behave in a given situation or do we truly know what we are supposed to do…

      Luv and hugz,
      P/s It is Friday for you, Thursday for others. My, my, a genie’s life is tough…everyone has a lamp and everyone is rubbing it hard. I can pull my pony tail and scream…off, to speak to my union steward 🙂

  6. I thought about this for a while. It’s true, seasons change, day and night change but we arise in the morning, pick up where we lift off and move on to a new scene. Very good!

  7. Eric you have command on poetry and prose equally. always bring out new thought provoking ideas using beautiful words to adorn them:)

  8. Life is a stage
    Reflections are the only rehearsals
    When the signal goes
    Ready or not you must act
    ‘Action!’ is what you hear
    No more rehearsals
    The drama is ‘live’

    Thanks Eric. You inspire me. Thanks for visiting my blog. It encourages me to keep writing. Can’t believe it’s already been two months since I started blogging.

    1. Don’t know why I am coming up as anonymous. Here’s another try to see if my name comes up. Anyway it’s selasie Bulmuo. Thanks Eric.

      1. Perhaps it has to do with your Gravatar setting > go to your Gravatar admin settings and insert the name as you want it to appear.

        Anyway, no real dramas (pun unintended), I’ll know from your IP address that it is from “Selasie Bulmuo” – 🙂

    2. Dear Selasie Bulmuo,

      Your reply is fantastic!

      No rehearsals, no second-takes, cuts and touch-ups – only new scenes! Welcome to the original ‘reality show’

      Keep blogging and I’ll keep visiting and reading your posts.

      Luv and peace, Eric 🙂

  9. And it depends on how well we have served ouselves as costume and proper room supervisors! I know you will understand my meaning here, as you are such a master of metaphor, dear Eric! Love this post–serious and yet fun, like so many of your posts!

    1. Yes, dear Granbee – thoughts go out in tangents, but tethered to source. Perhaps a rejoinder, a small stray…if I may:

      A chameleon, I change my clothes
      Not to mislead or indulge in deceit
      To gauge your needs and mine, to fit in

      I use the props You allotted
      Polishing, repairing…learning
      My trunk brims, I ask no more

      Luv and hugz,
      Eric 🙂

      P/s Please check your spam folder as my comments on your blog are not coming through. Thanks 🙂

    1. Oh Eva dear – that is sweet of you. What a way to start the day, loving sunshine….

      Congratulations for having landed this accolade. Some of your blog posts are…interesting 🙂 Others, serious and thought provoking. Love them.

      1. Eric,
        The “interesting” ones are all works of fiction!!!! Started many years ago as a dare from a friend in college…I was an English Writing major…but that friend wanted to write stories like that…and so it’s been a long time and I write those now more for giggles and becasue my friends all stuff ugh. The poems are more thought provoking…the doom and gloom surrounding a relationship that went all wrong. Any compliment from you is the real honor.

  10. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on how we have changed and how differently we handle these similiar situations to say ten years ago…my guess is very differently my lovely buddy xxx

    1. Very true buddy Jane.

      With each situation, we get another chance to do better – provided we have reflected and learned. Many claim ‘life experiences’ and yet in their twilight lights, blame the tides…

      Luv and hugz, Eric 🙂

    1. Thank you Fiona. Glad you liked it.
      I think I know what you mean by “signs”. I am attracted to poems/writings that trigger thought. The more layered the words are, the better. This enables each to take away what strikes him/her as we are all on a journey and have reached different levels.
      Peace, Eric

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