In The Lead Horseman, Time is the Grim Reaper… but only in the World of Illusion.

In the World of Reality, Time is a mere man-made construct…

Of course, the question: What is Reality, What is Illusion…(click to get an opinion)



    1. Thank you Jigme,

      I notice that you had not posted for some time. Glad to have you back.

      Happy blogging, Eric
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  1. I think there’s a relative and an absolute idea of time… time in an absolute sense is independent, never ceases, never speeds or slows, just goed on. Relatively spoken, time may depend on a person and his standards. That’s what I think. @D

    1. Time is definitely a construct to help us – not hinder. Think of the number of times we wait for a particular date before rolling out our ‘resolutions’ or embarking on something…

      My son told me that he stays away from his gymnasium during ‘Januarys’ when the place overflows with ‘people who made new year resolutions’.

  2. Thought provoking one, Eric. Time might be an illusion or man made indeed. however time man made might be even a bigger illusion. The earth rotate, sun and moon will always be reflecting day and night and we can not stop ourselves from growing older..We can try to manage our time as much as we would like but we can not control it, me think.

    Ciao, Francina 🙂

    1. Oh Christy,

      Each arrives with a book
      Empty pages for us to fill
      We paint them with deeds
      Good, bad, incomplete
      Some returned, pristine, clean
      Most scribbled in tears, joys, postscripts
      Each an allotted book of Life
      What’s in yours, what’s in mine
      We all have a book to complete

      Luv and peace, Eric

  3. Einstein told us already that time is something that has not a real value. Travel faster and time will go slower, but is does exist. Without time no universe! (I love physics!) But I do not think that you intended to say so, our time only exists through us, we use it, most of the time the wrong way, and when we cease to exist our time stops too.Well done, dear Eric
    Love and hugs from
    An intelligent girl 😉

    PS: Once more I’m surprised. I thought Time master was a very expensive Swiss watch and now it seems you are making them in Singapore. 😯 😛

      1. Thank you, dear Eric.
        I read this remark you made on Anil’s blog: “thanks to Steph, now others are teasing me but all in good fun”. What do they tease you with if I may ask?
        Love and hugs

      2. Anil gave me an award with these words > “the universally acclaimed one”

        and guess which sweet tweety bird started that ‘universal’ tag…

  4. I like this poem. I also like the click through! It brings to mind an interesting book on the concept of “time” I would recommend: “Time: Rhythm and repose” by: Marie-Louise von Franz. It is a really beautiful book.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Ian.
      One of my regular commentators – Jasey – says something similar but more as a tease – about my ‘deep’ poems.

  5. We always think that time is running out fast and against us ; making time our master. Glad that you have put time in its place. It is in our mind : whether it becomes the interminable length or the quick but memorable flash is situational. Your refreshing and controversial view provides new inspiration and perspective. Amazing.

  6. So pleased you agree with me that TIME is a mere man-made construct! Can you believe I recently saw a reviewer give the book, A Wrinkle in Time, only 2 stars out of 5! What an old ignorant grouch!

    1. When we seek Truth, our paths are destined to meet…

      That reviewer is but one, entitled to his/her views as we are to ours, I reckon, and so we shall live and be judged accordingly…

      Your writings reveal your love and wisdom – and now a big hugz from me 🙂

      (P/s – none of my books are ‘reviewed’ because I have the best reviewers in the world > my readers)

  7. You have beautifully spoon fed me a different perspective of time. I have always felt like it was chasing me down….and now I think I should see it as being nothing without me…it won’t be chasing me down anymore! Love your word, Eric! You are an amazing writer.

      1. Thank you Eva.

        For some reason, my comments on your blog are not coming through – perhaps resting in your spam folder (WP gnomes at work, I reckon)

  8. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),
    Verily Man is in loss,
    Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds,
    and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth,
    and of Patience and Constancy.

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