Our happiness comes from something quite mundane… 

I usually set a range of expectations, take the low-end but strive for the best outcomes…seldom am I disappointed because people and events turn out far better than the mental low I set.



  1. “I usually set a range of expectations, take the low-end but strive for the best outcomes…seldom am I disappointed because people and events turn out far better than the mental low I set.”

    I have always thought this way….but I have never exactly put it into words in a pithy way as you have…and not not always for noble reasons…moreso to not face disappointment, but slowly I am learning that even in disappointment we can learn from it and have the ability to realize how grateful one should be for all that we have.

    It really is uncanny when we realize someone so far away can be so near to what we think within the confines of our own mind. I don’t know what else to say but Thank you so very much for sharing. =)

    1. When we study (really analyse without the emotional baggage), there are only so many problems facing humanity and so many possible solutions for each problem – depending on one’s particular situation.

      Stripped naked I stood, legs arms spread
      Gazed intently at folds, crevices and pits
      Shamelessly I learnt, solidified my resolve
      With his Gifts of wits, I cut my path forward

      It is unsurprising that our ‘paths’ cross…

      Peace, Eric

  2. I have had the opposite happen in the past when I’ve set my expectations too high and then been disappointed. Ah balance. A good reminder here Eric.

    1. Yes, Christy.

      I used to be like that, looked into the mirror and recognised that imperfect and demanding person. Slowly, I lowered my bars. Peace and luv, Eric 🙂

  3. Having our expectations exceeded in terms of people’s kindness and goodness certainly does bring a whopping elixir of happiness. Eric, your wisdom just seems to grow day by day. Bless you, dear man! No wonder your wife Lisa looks so happy and fulfilled!

    1. Oh dear Granbee,

      You have eaten more salt than me – that is what we say in Asia about people wiser than ourselves.

      This comment from you is high compliment indeed.

      Luv and a great big hug,
      Eric 🙂

  4. This is EXACTLY how I made it through my sons early years! Some of those kids movies are HORRID! With very (very) low expectations they could be almost (almost) delightful!

    1. Wow! Great to know that, Jen.

      I write from my life experiences and this ‘low end expectations’ has worked for me. Though it is lovely to say, I have ‘no expectations’ – well, one has to grapple with that. Others have their mantras and perhaps these work for them. One thing I do know – there are more than one path to Happiness.

      Peace and luv, Eric

  5. If our expectations of others are too high we will most of the time be disappointed..We all have our flaws and weaknesses, me think. And as long we realize that we will be alright and happy!

    Have a happy day!
    Ciao, Francina 🙂

    1. So very true dear Francina.

      I have so many flaws that I cannot in honesty demand more of others. The bar that I keep low is more a reflection on me than on others.

      Peace and luv to you too,
      Eric 🙂

    1. Dear Rana,
      Congratulations on winning this ABC award. You have a beautiful family.

      Thank you so much for passing it on and with such sweet words > “I love reading his posts, he is one kind soul, I’m always inspired to doing good or feeling better when I read his blog, please visit his blog and be inspired.”

      You honour me with these words of love and encouragement. I hope to be worthy.

      All good wishes, Eric

  6. Lovely Eric I hear you and I have chosen to let go of expectations but to hold hope and dreams and to take action. To approach everything with love in my heart, do the best, see the best and hope for the best…dreams are the wings of my soul and expectations are the stones..lots of love to you and hugs xxx

  7. The less you expect the more you get, that is my motto, only you can say that so much better, that’s why you are called Eric and I’m called
    Steph xxx
    Love and a big hug

      1. Which nail, dear Eric? The one about the expectations or the one about our names or both nails? (Knowing myself, it will probably be about the names) 🙂

      2. You may wonder why I asked, well, my very limited experience with nails and hammer is that I always hit my finger, dear Eric
        lLve and hugs
        Steph xxx

    1. “..to each his/her own.” You are right of course 🙂

      Even when we expect “nothing”, that is an expectation. For me, expectations are a range and it could range from “nothing” to “something” about “people”.

      My post also cover “outcomes” – in business, an outing, a dinner, etc. that sometimes disappoint us and creates unhappiness…

      Of course, one can let loose an arrow and then circle a bulls-eye around it… 🙂

  8. having NO expectations is what i’m trying to achieve – just do what i have to do because i want to. the rest is not in my control – as long as I do it with a clean heart & put my whole heart into it. that’s my reward 🙂

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