1. Yes, but what a challenge…yet I speak from personal experience, when one meets her/his soulmate, it is so easy – this unconditional love and so enduring…

      1. Yes your right with a soulmate its so easy but it is a challenge when its just a friend or a family member to love that way some ppl tend to pick the good parts of a person over their faults to love cause they are so judgemental Me personally I love all of a person

  1. Happy Valentines Day Eric! I hope your day with your wife is going well. Accepting each others strengths and weaknesses is a wonderful notion for your poem today!

  2. Eric, you are THE BEST!!! Our Valentine to ourselves should be about how much love potential we have to give to others! Real love embraces the weakest spot in the other!

  3. your words remind me of that old Billy Joel song “I love you just the way you are…don’t go changing trying to please me…”

    A beautiful reminder to love someone warts and all. Happy Valentines Day Eric. xoxo

    1. Thank you Jeannie,
      Yes, I’ve not said anything terribly new but these words need repetition, I reckon.
      Trust your Valentines Day went well.
      Luv and peace, Eric

    1. Thank you Jane dear.

      We just returned after a lovely meal at a Japanese. Washed it down with a bottle of white 🙂 All the diners in high spirits (pun unintended) and we spoke to total strangers on both sides of our table. It was a lovely date…and the evening is young (wink).

      Luv and hugz to you dear,

  4. Hmm, not sure I fully get this. Love me for what I am not – I am not tolerant, thoughtful, not a good cook.

    But I get it in another way – also I am not unkind, insincere, cruel.

    It was interesting! I have no partner so this is the closest I get to a Valentine’s Day card – so thank you 🙂

    1. I am intolerant and not thoughtful…but continue to love me please, cut me some slack and give me space…the fact that I know these negatives about myself, mean I am working on them. Don’t walk out or pick a fight…just love me and help me through this phase…As for not being a good cook, well…you cook and I’ll do the dishes 🙂

      Let us focus on the positives as no one is all bad.

      Glad to pass this Valentine’s Card to you…and I am sure you do have someone, just that the two of you have not found each other…yet 🙂

      Happy Valentines 🙂

  5. That is beautiful dear Eric, “Love me more for all I am not” .
    I love this, so short but oh, so beautiful.
    Thank you dear friend
    Happy Valentine’s day 😉
    Love and hugs
    Steph (V) xxx

    PS: I must not despair then, because there are so many things I am not, Telling you what I am would take far less time and paper.

    1. Dear Steph,

      I am a firm believer in saying more with less. I suppose a lifetime of 5-minute sales pitches after which the customer’s eyes glaze over, has honed this. But it does take effort, I agree.

      Glad these words resonate for you – it is easy to love someone who has all the traits one likes. But over the years, the person takes on new habits that can be off-putting. Ask Lisa and she’ll probably roll out a list about me 🙂

      Luv and hugz,
      P/s Don’t bother about what you are ‘not’ – most of us are also ‘not’

  6. You had to make it tough even with a romantic vow on Valentine’s day, but that’s you. Have a good one.

  7. What a wonderful expression of love, Eric! This applies to ourselves as much as it does for others … a fact that I still wrestle with, but finally understand. Wishing you and yours a most Happy Valentines Day! ~ Julie

    1. Thank you dear Julie.

      Long ago, Grandpa said to look in the mirror when something went amiss and only when we are very sure the answer is not there, then look out the window. I tried very hard to follow this…many times I failed, but am getting better at mirror gazing.

      Luv, Eric

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