Adapted from an old Taoist (Chinese) verse:

A Taoist monk, who had travelled extensively and spoke brilliant English, said this: Next time you awake from a dream with a Whoa! Do not dismiss it as a mere dream…



    1. That is interesting – long held fears – and you are right. These do manifest into dreams.

      Perhaps, while “real” dreams could be astral travels, recurring “dreams” and especially “nightmares” could be impressions – some sort of cerebral echo?

      I am glad the poem triggered thoughts. When I write poetry, I see myself as a mischievous kid with a pebble. I toss it into the brushes, and marvel at what flaps out. And what beautiful plumes come forth from commentators such as you, Padmini. Thank you.

      Peace, Eric

  1. Reality & Illusion wow this is life

    I have been a little slow but I have been catching up, I love all your post, and the comments are very informative

    Thank you Eric

  2. I personally do not think there is any such thing as “just a dream”. The butterfly of our souls flits on and sprinkles new life and another and yet another butterfuly is born every few weeks, it would seem. Love this post so very much, Eric. I am so grateful you posted it today and that I am reading it at this particular point in time. Wonderful!

      1. I hope not. I’d always taken that phrase to mean something equivalent to “mundane.” No I had a Japanese garden in mind, with different places to view and meditate, each with something new to contemplate.

  3. Reality and illusions could be intertwined or we would not experienced a feeling of deja vu but unsure if it was real. Often we ask, is the present reality or illusions. Look forward to your new book – maybe we get greater insights into this life long question.

    1. Congratulations Jen, on winning this award 🙂 You do bring sunshine to people. Well done indeed.

      Thank you for thinking of me. I accept but it would take some time for me to get around to posting it, etc. if you don’t mind.

      Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

    1. Dear Christy,

      Your belief is not misplaced. Dreams are so intertwined with our earthly lives – will blow people’s minds if they only knew. Look out for my next book – Fallen Grace, The Return.

      Peace and luv, Eric

  4. i sometimes fly in my dreams, i will love to have a pair of wings for a fortnight (with my present brain, way of thinking) than a lifetime of walking on earth 🙂

    1. Dear Sharmishtha,

      I am not surprised, as all of us do ‘fly’ in our dreams. This is a central theme in my forthcoming novel – Fallen Grace, The Return.

      Peace, Eric

  5. I really like this Eric. Dreams! Why don’t we listen to them more? The butterfly–does it mean you want to fly away from where you are to something new? Or does it mean you want to BE something different than you already are? Or does it symbolize the real you waiting to be discovered? The possibilities…

  6. This is beautiful, Eric! I really like the wisdom of the East!

    Wishing you many butterfly nights.

    Ciao, Francina

    1. Thank you Francina, I always welcome your visit and comments.

      Wisdom from the East and West are from the same womb of humanity – we learn each from the other.

      It is past 10.30 PM here in Singapore.
      Good night, Eric
      (P/s Ah, to dream of figurative butterflys)

  7. I always wonder: what if my whole life is a dream, and one day I wake up and find that I’m another being, another specie . But I shake that thought away, I can’t bare to think that Mu husband and my baby are just a dream. Love this post Eric, thank you for passing on this philosophy and ancient wisdom.

    1. Dear Rana,

      What we have here is real, not a dream as we ordinarily understand the word ‘dream.’ But it is not an “either or” situation. There can be two or more ‘realities’. What we experience in our ‘dreams’ is shockingly more ‘real’ – I reckon.

      I am glad you love this post.

      Peace, Eric

  8. A nice illustration of Eastern thinking, Eric. The Easterners never managed to sort out the riddle of human consciousness, did they? On the other hand, the Hebrews and the Greeks did arrive at an answer – after much debate.

    It is interesting to reflect : when we are awake, we have fragmented memories of the dream : on the other hand, when we are dreaming, we have fragmented memories of our wakeful lives. Perhaps both are real. Perhaps we have two full lives running in parallel.

    1. Hello Jamie,
      Actually the ‘Easterners’ are quite definitive in their knowledge about human consciousness. This Taoist saying is a mere teaser to hidden truths.

      The Hebrews and Greeks have found their own paths – but they don’t have an exclusive on this – and all paths hewn by them and the ‘Easterners’ lead to the same destination.

      Both are real – the corporeal and the ethereal – in ways that will blow people’s minds…I dwell in depth about these in my forthcoming book – Fallen Grace, The Return.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Hello Ian,

      Yes, the ancient Chinese, like the Greeks, Egyptians, Indians and other peoples have taught us much. When I uncover anymore, I shall certainly share it.

      Hope the weekend is proceeding as well for you as it is for me.

      All good wishes,

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