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As some of you might know from my poem My Son, I view children as Gifts from God and we parents as temporary custodians. This is a true story……


Many years ago, my wife and I were very active in church and involved in several ministries. At one point, over a period of 3 years, we used to spend 3 weekday evenings and most of Sundays involved in church activities.

One late Sunday afternoon, we returned home and found our 3 children waiting for us. Apparently, they had been discussing among themselves and complained that we were never around when they needed us.

In essence, they debunked that oft heard ‘quality time’ argument that some working parents hid behind. This post is not to criticize that argument but to share what worked for us.

We requested some time to wind up our commitments in church and plunged into the greatest ministry of all – the Ministry of Family.

The parish priest and many parishioners coaxed us to return, both subtly and overtly. We held fast…and seeing how our children turned out…we have no regrets about making GOD wait.

I believe, unlike our local parish, HE understood.