1. When I was younger playing rugby I fought a bit, and never have I wished to reclaim a single blow. But words, too many have carelessly escaped, and never been recalled. Isn’t it odd that by our actions we should be known, but our words cut more sharply.

    1. Very true indeed.
      Our actions are seen by many or just by us alone > perhaps forgotten by the many and even by us.
      Our words > felt by the recipient and always remembered by the recipient…that’s what makes it lethal I suppose…

    1. And we slash with nary a thought for hearts broken and lives shattered – when will the sword beat to ploughshare, when will words bloom as flowers and not weeds…but I wield hope that day will come, His promise realised…

      1. I’ll quote from the holy book:
        “There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword,
        But the tongue of the wise brings healing.”
        May you always meet the wise down life’s long tracks…

  2. Hi Eric,

    I really like your writing!! I only hope to one day be this good.
    I’m new to this blogging thing, so it took me forever to figure out how to ‘Like’ your post!!! lol
    I’d like to follow your blog, so I’m off to try to figure this one out!!!


    1. I started writing about 3 years ago and blogging about 2 months ago – all self taught. I am sure if you spend about an hour a day, you too would give life to your thoughts. All good wishes, Eric

  3. Strange that we are given such a powerful tool that does not need power to wield, yet requires the gentleness of mind and understanding to wield it well. Love this one.

    1. Wow! Terri…this is a pleasant surprise indeed. And congratulations that 3 people have already nominated you for this award. As you know, I visit your blog regularly and find your posts meaningful. You well deserve this award.

      Thank you so very much for considering me worthy. I accept and shall pass it on to other ‘candles’.

      Have a great week ahead, Eric 🙂

  4. Eric, I bow to your wisdom in posting this “poster” today! By the way, your chosen format is very effective! I appreciate, and have tucked away in my heart, this timeless lesson, so much needed by this chatty ol’ bird!

    1. Dear ‘granbee’ – I actually love this name – granbee – and can visualise all in the extended family crowding around, drawing nourishment, comfort and love from you 🙂

      The ancient Chinese say: Be like a rice padi stalk, the taller and heavier it grows with grain, the deeper it bows to touch the earth. When you say ‘bow to…wisdom’ you reveal your wealth of life experiences already gathered.

      Luv, Eric

  5. Yes, once it’s ‘out there’ it cannot be taken back…ever. I think people should choose their words carefully and purposefully like choosing an outfit for a first date or a job interview, with respect, anticipation of good things and, quoting you ‘as a wrapping for His gifts’. That, was beautifully put. Congratulations on the bookstore talk. That record crowd and bookstore are blessed 🙂

    1. @vixytwix
      Your pointers are very down-to-earth, in essence taking the time to craft words that treat everyone (and ourselves) with dignity.
      And if we are unable to say something good, walk away…say nothing, by doing so, we have said plenty – about ourself.

      Thank you my dear, for your kind words about the bookstore talk – Eric 🙂

  6. Hello Eric, my great grandmother used to say that if you can’t say something kind, then say nothing. Wise post and I hope you have a great weekend – Jane

    1. Hello buddy 🙂
      …and great grandmother’s words ring true and everlasting. Thanks for sharing.

      I am having a great weekend > just returned after giving a talk about one of my books at a major bookstore here > according to their management > record crowd turnout. The one week’s preparations came through nicely.
      Bless you with a great weekend too,

      1. Well done Eric that’s great news about the bookstore. You’re a wise man who writes well and I’m betting that your books are full of common sense too..go you 😀

    1. Yes Lauren,
      And once spoken, a word remains in eternity…better to be careful what we say, as we don’t know where/when it resurfaces and who is listening.
      Thank you for your visit and comment,

  7. I am impressed, and deep down my heart, by your positive approach and use of words. God bless you Eric for the power and effect you bring to a mind by your words

    1. Dear Tanveer,
      You are generous with your compliments.
      I am just a mouthpiece and the Master works me so…as He does everyone, including you. I am privileged to be a wrapping for His Gifts.
      Luv, Eric

  8. Thanks for the like on my post “Christmas poetry for the fun of it”. I am new at
    blogging, and enjoy writing often. From browsing your post, looks like you have
    become successful with your novels—they look intriguing!

    1. @booksandbuttons

      Thank you for your visit and comment too.
      If I might say so, everyone who read my novels loved them – pushes me to do better.
      Cheers, Eric

  9. So true Eric, I wish people really understood this. We are called to encourage and build people up, not bring them down. The tongue can be a weapon of mass destruction. Thanks for posting this.

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