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Thank you sidmary and Certainly not lost down under for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

The rules for conversion are as follow:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post – Hello Sidra and Steph, please treat this as my heartfelt thanks, done with pleasure.

2. Share seven things about myself (since it is for the same award, I am sharing the same 7, otherwise, I will have very little to call private 🙂 ):

2.1. I started the blog to share my poems, went into The Life of Mechanic Leigh, micro-fictions and into Thoughts & Reflections – all in 6 weeks!

2.2. I use mostly UK English in my blog posts as opposed to USA English. In Singapore, most people speak a local version called Singlish!

2.3. I speak 5 languages and used to swear in 7 more! (Used to…)

2.4. I can speak English with a heavy French accent – though I don’t speak French!

2.5. In the military, I used to be a DI – drill instructor. We used mostly Bahasa Melayu – the National Language of Singapore.

2.6. Currently, I am learning German and can get by – but no poetry (this note especially for Steph 🙂 )

2.7. I learnt to count up to 35 and stopped – that is my age, if you ask me. (My wife reminds me that I am 56 – she learnt to count up to 100 and beyond).

3. Nominate 15 bloggers. My nominations, not in any order of merit, are:

3.1 Adie > http://adieslife.wordpress.com

3.2 Notsoarethewicked > http://pursuitofreality.wordpress.com

3.3 Heather > http://singinthebreeze.wordpress.com

3.4 Denisadide > http://denisadide.wordpress.com

3.5 Amber Koneval > http://amberkoneval.wordpress.com

3.6 Medusamoon > http://medusamoon.wordpress.com

3.7 Amber Koneval >http://amberkoneval.wordpress.com/

3.8 UJaY > http://uma136.wordpress.com/

3.9 iamjustonewomanwhowrites > http://iamjustonewomanwhowrites.wordpress.com/

3.10 DJ Lawrence > http://inkandthink.wordpress.com/

3.11 brianyava > http://brianyava.wordpress.com/

3.12 throughmyeyes17 > http://livingthroughmyeyes83.wordpress.com/

3.13 Casey King > http://ckingwords.wordpress.com/

3.14 lukewater > http://lukewater.wordpress.com/

3.15 newfoundlandtraveller> http://newfoundlandtraveller.wordpress.com/

Congratulations and Good Luck to all of you!

In case some of you are wondering why I accept multiple awards – it presents me with an opportunity to recognise the efforts of fellow bloggers, nominate and encourage them. Of course, nominees are welcome to decline for whatever reasons and I respect their wishes. There are others who welcome it and hence, it is my time well spent, I reckon.

I am working on my 7 x 7 Link Awards, Eric 🙂