Thank you sidmary and Certainly not lost down under for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

The rules for conversion are as follow:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post – Hello Sidra and Steph, please treat this as my heartfelt thanks, done with pleasure.

2. Share seven things about myself (since it is for the same award, I am sharing the same 7, otherwise, I will have very little to call private 🙂 ):

2.1. I started the blog to share my poems, went into The Life of Mechanic Leigh, micro-fictions and into Thoughts & Reflections – all in 6 weeks!

2.2. I use mostly UK English in my blog posts as opposed to USA English. In Singapore, most people speak a local version called Singlish!

2.3. I speak 5 languages and used to swear in 7 more! (Used to…)

2.4. I can speak English with a heavy French accent – though I don’t speak French!

2.5. In the military, I used to be a DI – drill instructor. We used mostly Bahasa Melayu – the National Language of Singapore.

2.6. Currently, I am learning German and can get by – but no poetry (this note especially for Steph 🙂 )

2.7. I learnt to count up to 35 and stopped – that is my age, if you ask me. (My wife reminds me that I am 56 – she learnt to count up to 100 and beyond).

3. Nominate 15 bloggers. My nominations, not in any order of merit, are:

3.1 Adie >

3.2 Notsoarethewicked >

3.3 Heather >

3.4 Denisadide >

3.5 Amber Koneval >

3.6 Medusamoon >

3.7 Amber Koneval >

3.8 UJaY >

3.9 iamjustonewomanwhowrites >

3.10 DJ Lawrence >

3.11 brianyava >

3.12 throughmyeyes17 >

3.13 Casey King >

3.14 lukewater >

3.15 newfoundlandtraveller>

Congratulations and Good Luck to all of you!

In case some of you are wondering why I accept multiple awards – it presents me with an opportunity to recognise the efforts of fellow bloggers, nominate and encourage them. Of course, nominees are welcome to decline for whatever reasons and I respect their wishes. There are others who welcome it and hence, it is my time well spent, I reckon.

I am working on my 7 x 7 Link Awards, Eric 🙂


  1. Hey Eric, I don’t really understand what this award thing is about since I am still stumbling in a sea of confusion through this WordPress commode. I read your writing and I must say that you are a familiar soul, although I’m sure that we have never met. Strange how writing can connect even the far away ones with each other. I’m actually in the process of writing a book myself and could use some serious help! I find that as I write the storyline I intended to stick with completely shifts into its own monster. I’ve lost the original idea and been left with somewhat of a struggle to find a proper ending.

    1. This award is given by bloggers to recognize fellow bloggers. It is supposed to be fun…not stress. You can respond at your own time, when you are better settled – even weeks or months later, if you so wish. I selected you as a form of encouragement and am sorry if it has caused any distress.

      With regards to the book you are writing, I’m afraid I am not a writing coach or appraiser. Perhaps you could put it aside and revisit it after a time. A fresh look might help.

      Peace, Eric

  2. Congratulations, Eric. Sorry to be so late, but I had very little time to spare the last few days (the lover, you know!). What are those other languages? Do I know any of them? And I will keep publishing German poems (simple ones, I promise). Have a nice day and a good glass of scotch or two.
    PS. Strange that your wife can count that far. Most women can’t count much further than 30, well almost 30 (29).

    1. Hello and thank you, Steph. No worries about time thingy…I know 🙂
      The 5 languages I speak > English, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesian, Malayalam, German (a little).
      The 7 languages that I could swear in > the militray versions of the above (except German) plus, Hokkien, Mandarin and Tagalog.
      All this writing is making me thirsty, I wonder what my friends are up to > Jack, Johnny & Jim 🙂
      p/s: Strange thing about maths and women…

    1. @dogear6

      Thank you for your support on this.
      A few weeks ago you gave me some good advice on awards and I passed that advice to bloggers who contacted me privately.
      Cheers, Eric

  3. Eric, you shy, 56-year-old linguist you! Congratulations on this blogger award. I really appreciate the list of blogs I need to check out. Also, I appreciate your usage of UK English, rather than USA English. While at university in Mississsippi in the 60’s, I very much preferred English Lit to American Lit–more accurate to the human condition, somehow! Hurry up and write poetry in German; that is one of my “other” languages!

    1. Dear ‘granbee’

      Thank you for your congratulations. This means much to me.
      In Singapore in the 1960’s we were taught UK English and I am comfortable with it, though I can revert to USA English if I want to – nothing against it, really.
      I didn’t know you spoke German…interesting. But German poetry, that is a long way to go for me, I’m afraid.

      All good wishes and luv,
      P/s ‘luv’ is not USA English but the new ‘tech’ language, I believe.

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      I suppose as you live in Germany and all, you can speak German or at least, German accented English.
      All good wishes to you and your family,

      1. Thanks Eric. Yes, i’m pretty fluent now – though it took a while. I sometimes have difficulty on the phone, if I don’t know the caller and they have a strong regional accent.

    1. Thank you Jane, you are kind.
      I haven’t read your Dating Game yet and but will get to it…
      I am heading off to the airport now as my eldest daughter leaves for Brisbane tonight. My son left for New York earlier this week. This leaves our youngest daughter for us to pamper. For me, Christmas is over.
      All good wishes, Eric

      1. Hello Eric, yes Christmas is over and our loved ones are scattered again. Hope your airport trip went well and I wish your daughter a safe flight. Thank goodness for skype I say…take care and have a great day – Jane 😀

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