1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for sharing your link with me on my “here and now” post. And now I see that I’ve already read this and still agree that crying is good and healing. If anyone thinks someone is weak because they’re open with their emotions, well, what does that tell you about them? Hmmm…anyway, thanks for your support and thoughts! (I can only say that when we work those face muscles too hard, beware of the annoying twitch!) 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    1. Dear Lauren,

      Oops! I should have checked first before linking you to a post you’ve already read. My apologies.

      Yes, I’ll be careful about my face muscles 🙂

      Hope that your weekend is going great,

    1. Aha 🙂 Can’t disagree with you there.

      Now, I wonder how long before the large retailers band together and pay some “renowned professor” to put out a “peer reviewed article” about how a shopping-trip-a-day keeps the medical bills away 🙂

      I can just imagine the news – “People turned out in their thousands in yet another candle light vigil demanding that retailers stay open 24/7. Everyone wants to play a part in promoting national health, it seems. What surprised this reporter was, how did 25,000 people turn up in this little township of 20 souls whose only claim to fame is a drive-through gas station and coffee joint”.

      Don’t ask what brought this on – I need my mug of tea!

  2. If God has given tears to both men and women, then men should have no reservation to use it, for there are other biological differences to suit its own intent.

  3. You cry, I cry.
    You heal, I heal.
    I came back to You.
    Now I will never be alone.

    A man is strong when he cries and stronger when he lets you see.

    1. What a beautifully crafted comment.
      Yes, it takes confidence, courage and character to cry…and one always bounces back stronger!
      Thank you for sharing, Eric

  4. Thank you so much for the “poster” ending with “God heals when you cry”. I had never heard that and am treasuring it in my heart. Real men wear pink and real men cry–yes, they do. We folk of Celtic descent honor the tears of the manly victors crying over the bodies of their defeated enemies, crying as they close the eyelids of their elders on their deathbeds. Thank you from the bottom of this woman’s heart, Eric.

    1. Dear “granbee”

      You are very welcome.
      As you already know, crying is so natural and one of the few (good) attributes that differentiates humans from all animals. Take that away and we really have very little to say for ourselves vis-a-vis animals. It is a pity that even now, movies mostly celebrate the ‘brute’ in man rather than his softer, more beautiful attributes.
      I cry and the people in my life know that it does not make me less of a man.
      Luv, Eric
      P/s It is long overdue but we need to bury the ‘characters’ played by Humprey Bogart – I believe in private he cried, any man with such passion must have…

  5. So true 🙂

    It’s easy to forget that it helps to cry when you’re around people, even people that you should be able to trust, or that you would trust, if you weren’t scared of people’s opinions in general without thinking twice about it.

    1. @coffeeshophorrors

      You are so right in your observation. For people who find it difficult…perhaps they can try it in somewhat less intimidating places such as places of worship. Thank you for your sharing, Eric
      P/s Have you visited a coffee shop yet?

  6. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for this post 🙂

    I believe that “crying” is an outlet especially when we are in pain, regardless of our gender…it’s true that sometimes people hide their true emotions when they are hurting & suppress what they actually feel. we cannot let go of something or someone unless we are honest with what we feel, until we cry if it is necessary…

    1. Hello Chester,
      Thank you for stopping and contributing your comment to this thread.
      You are so very right. I reckon God has given us an emotion to help us on our (sometimes harsh) journey of Life. Leaving behind this ability to cry does not ligthen our load but simply makes it more onerous.
      All good wishes,

    1. Dear Tanveer,
      What a lovely comment coming from a person who has accomplished much in life. You honour and propel me.
      God bless your continuing contributions and you,

  7. Eric, thanks for your kind remarks on my blog. I appreciated this post of yours as well. It brought to mind this little passage from Dorothy Sayers. In the introduction to her translation of “The Song of Roland,” Sayers describes the contemporary notion of manly strength (in contrast to the weeping and fainting of Emperor Charlemagne). Her humorous reference of the tough guy with a cigarette brings to mind Humphrey Bogart in the film “Casablanca.”

    “Here too, I think we must not reckon it weakness in [Charlemagne] that he is overcome by grief for Roland’s death, that he faints upon the body and has to raised up by the barons and supported by them while he utters his lament. There are fashions in sensibility as in everything else. The idea that a strong man should react to great personal and national calamities by a slight compression of the lips and by silently throwing his cigarette into the fireplace is of very recent origin. By the standards of feudal epic, Charlemagne’s behaviour is perfectly correct. Fainting, weeping, and lamenting is what the situation calls for. The assembled knights and barons all decorously follow his example.” (page 15)

    1. Hello Jesse,
      You are welcome and thank you for this sharing.
      Most of what we consider as ‘normal’ behaviour is actually very recent and quite often moulded by media. It is strange that people whose primary concern is making a buck have so much influence on society.
      All good wishes,

    1. Your question has a lot more gravity than its first reading reveals…

      We acquire knowledge but not wisdom,
      We dislike ourselves and wear masks,
      We refuse nature that helps us cope with pain,
      The list goes on….I reckon.

  8. Hi Eric,

    My husband shows his emotions and I think a man is stronger if he does! Thanks for sharing the fact that God heals when we cry! Wonderful post!

    1. Hello Lauren,
      I am sure he is a much better man for that, and happier too.
      It is also wonderful when wives are supportive…men need this affirmation.
      Thank you for sharing your views,
      Eric 🙂

      1. Hi Eric,

        I agree with you about support from wives and yes, he is definitely a good man. He stars in many of my romantic poems! 🙂
        Thanks again for this great post!
        Lauren 🙂

  9. I was raised in that environment where men were not allowed to cry.I for many years wouldn’t dare to cry especially around my dad or Grandfather yet my mom was the one who would criticize me most for such.I will say as you have said that real men can and should cry and yes God heals you when you cry! I have shed many tears as I learned that indeed God cares and loves you when you cry!Thank you for sharing this post!

    1. Nice to have you back, Joe.

      I believe this message needed posting and your response is my reward.

      Though we beat our chests about free choice, the fact is most of us conform to society’s dictates. It takes innate courage to tread against the grain.

      Hats off to you, Eric

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