1. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for commenting at my place, Rumours of Rhyme, and putting a link in to this poem. Our poems about water are quite different, yet both speak of its timelessness.

  2. i have always been intrigued by water. something so mundane, & yet, there’s a reason it’s all over the world, necessary to mankind. It’s beautiful, dangerous, necessary, & mundane all at the same time. Very nicely done. I liked the analogies you drew out of it.

  3. “With patience we run the race.”—I could not help but think of these words as I read this very beautiful paean to the wonderful qualities of life-giving water.

  4. Beautiful! I really love this reflection, it spoke to me. We can learn a lot from the nature and mystery of the life giving element water. Thanks for the good thoughts…..Celeste. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Celeste
      Everytime we are at the beach, by the riverbank, lake or pool…something to reflect on and how we react to circumstances, I reckon. Eric 🙂

  5. One of the beautiful things about poetry is that the reader views from his or her background, culture, makeup and perspective in life. Poetry stands apart from other forms of communication because it requires deep thought.

  6. This one definitely makes you think. Does it mean we are fighters? Fighting to achieve our dreams, but yet having the ability to just relax when able. Slowly but surely keeping our end goal in mind, to never give up?

    What does the lesson mean for you? Am I way off?

    1. Hello Christine,
      Yes, this definitely makes one think and each takes away something…not neccessarily the same.
      You are difinitely not way off…in fact, you are spot on…as this is what the words reveal to you.
      Peace, Eric

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