1. A very blessed New Year to you and your loved ones, many happy returns and hope the year 2012 will be a real BLAST ! explosive and beautiful as the fireworks !

  2. I love fireworks for the new year! We celebrated with beautiful fireworks in our street. the atmosphere was awesome! Happy New Year. 🙂

  3. Eric, I have been meaning to follow your blog for some time now. Shame on my procrastination! I really enjoyed your wonderfully celebratory photo of these fireworks. When my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter (who was born there) lived in Seoul for three years, I always got a kick out of my Saturday being their Sunday! Since you are already in 2012, I wish you much light and joy and peace there in Singapore! P.S., My son, and all males with his Christian name in my family, is an engineer, also. He is also gifted with photography, essaying, violin and piano playing and daddy-ing! Not to mention being a most support spouse–and singing in his church choir! I will take time soon to read your “about”, as I like to understand engineers anytime, anywhere!

    1. @granbee

      Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope that my posts make your visits worth your while.

      Oh, so you know Singapore. That is great. As a nation, we are not much but do the best we can with what little we have.

      Looks like you have a very talented son. Not many people exhibit the versatility that he has…a great spouse and goes to church too! Wow!

      I sincerely believe that our parenting decides largely how our children turn out. Sure, the Gifts of God are a prerequisite but we all know how a rough diamond remains in the rough if not for the artisan…and you have passed this gift of parenting to your son. This is well done of you, if I may add.

      You have every reason to be quietly proud of your family.

      I wish upon you and yours all great gifts in the coming years,

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