Thank you unwrittentruthfor nominating my efforts for this 7 x 7 Link Award. This is a pleasant and welcomed surprise.

The rules are (as I understand them):

1. Share something about me that no one knows…

I weighed 86 kilograms last year and within 3 weeks went down to 73 kilograms. No fancy weight loss programs or diet…perhaps one day, I might post about this.

2. Link up to 7 posts of mine that I feel worthy

I would like to think that all my posts are worthy as these mirror a lifetime of living, failures and learning.  I dread to think that I foster anything less on the trusting public. With that caveat:

(i)                  The Awakening >

(ii)                The Blink of An Eye >

(iii)               The Cognac >

(iv)              The Coliseum >

(v)                A Gift >

(vi)              Destiny >

(vii)             Smart Ah Leck >

I specially chose Smart Ah Leck to put a smile in your hearts 🙂

3. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and inform them. The nominees:

(i)                  Ivoryquill >

(ii)                Clownponders >

(iii)               Greatpoetrymhf >

(iv)              Vixytwix >

(v)                Thespiderfarmmanager >

(vi)              Emilino Emloile >

(vii)             Jamesramirez >

Thank you everyone and happy blogging 🙂



  1. Congratulations Eric. You truly deserved it. If you hadn’t got it yet I would surely have nominated you in the post I’m still working on (although I think there is nothing against receiving it twice, is there).. Happy New Year.

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