I often wondered how innocents endure their incarceration. One can only imagine, one can only wonder – who is the really free. A moment please, for all those unjustly accused and languishing in prison.

Artwork @ Eric Alagan, 2009

I dream, a space traveler
Breath taking sights
Wondrous adventures

Siren pierces my being
Metal clangs cold, harsh
A prisoner, waking in chains

Yearn I, for the duster that
Cleans the white of day
Revealing reality, my night

Zoom away I, free
In my world, reality
That keeps my sanity

Three scores in jail
Now you know why I
Choose to remain

No parole for me
Leave me be
For, I am free


    1. Thank you dear, for yor visit and comment.
      You have some powerful posts in your blog and I will certainly return to read them.
      All good wishes, Eric

  1. I have long imagined how I would react to being in prison- I imagine, and I hope, that I would use the physical limitation to expand my spiritual practice- like your narrator uses it for astral journeying and imagination. Nice poem!

    1. @mayarivirginia

      Thank you for your visit and comment.

      As you probably already know, astral travel is real. My forthcoming novel, Fallen Grace – The Return, due in a few more months time, dwells on this extensively.

      All good wishes, Eric

  2. Pain, injustice, wrongs – difficult to endure or comprehend. The ‘whys’ remain unanswered. As in the ray of light in your picture (the central focus), there must be an avenue somewhere. Appropriate artwork (like it very much) accompanied with challenging thoughts.

    1. Austin @ The End of Time

      You are very welcome, Austin.
      No repayment required, as I enjoyed your posts.
      I don’t know what you mean by fancy and thank you. I use a word press template. This artwork is mine 🙂

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