An aircraft engineer, logistician, and former corporate executive, Eric Alagan is also a keen observer of people.

Like many self-taught authors, Eric flowed with his muse and wrote thrillers, humour and even non-fiction. His writing gravitated to his passion for history and interest in geopolitics.

Now, he focuses on historical fiction rich in convoluted plots.

Eric’s novels draw from historical facts; myths; legends; and mores of the times. His stories fill with realism and transports the reader to experience life as it was in centuries past.

To give his muse an avenue for expression, Eric uses this blog. He writes flash fiction, haiku and verse in all genres.

He spends a typical day, reading, researching, writing, and revising his manuscripts.

Updated 15 April 2022


He is also an exercise junkie and enjoys his daily walk-a-jogs. He loves road-biking. But after his 90-year-old grandma beat him in a cycling race, he stays away from road-biking.

He wanted to take up sky-diving but Grandma beat him to it too—she already has 84 jumps to her credit including 12 free-falls from 15,000 feet. Grandma is also into rock-climbing, lumber-jacking and scuba-diving.

Eric has decided that he will simply try to out-live her.



What others say – from some good friends and kind souls

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Christy Birmingham blogging as Poetic Parfait

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  1. I came to read 1 post and not like as usual ( even though I like them) but, an hour later ( yes an hour, well just over an hour), I’m still here and enjoying very much! I’ve liked and liked, smiled and smiled 🙂 And got nothing done!
    So well done for an interesting, funny, thoughtful blog/page. I’m glad I stay’ed reminds me why I like this page so much.
    Hugs and take care, hope you have a truly excellent day.x.

    1. Hello and yes,

      I notice that you left a series of “likes” in my posts – quite extraordinary. Very glad indeed you found much of my writing to your liking so much, that you spent quite a bit of time here. Thank you 🙂

      “…got nothing done!” — Oops!

      Thank you and may all good wishes and thoughts keep you company,

    1. Congratulations of winning the Very Inspiring Award 🙂 Remarkable, as I understand you started blogging only recently.

      Thank you for nominating me for the award. I appreciate the gesture and more so, your words 🙂

      All good wishes,

  2. Eric,
    Just wanted to let you know I changed my blog a bit and moved ‘those’ stories to a new blog (lucid velvet musings) and got rid of some useless garbage there.

    1. Hello Eva,

      Yes, I received 11 email notifications of your ‘old’ posts. I notice that some of these are dated even before I started blogging in late 2011. Will go through them at leisure – don’t want to miss any 🙂

      Hope all is well and stays well.

      Luv and hugz,
      P/s Will you pass me the link to Lucid Velvet Musings 🙂

      1. Eric,
        Here is the link:
        Remember, none of these stories are real and most were written because friends requested a certain type of story…I felt having 2 blogs works better for me, so as to not dismay future employers or certain new acquaintences.
        Thank you for reading my attempts at creativity and catharsis (poetry).
        Looking forward to reading your latest and greatest!

      2. Thank you, Eva dear.

        I’ll pop over in due course.

        I understand what you mean about the need for two blogs. I too recently acquired a second blog which I use for business. It is private and by invitation only – as due to reader requests, I plan to provide writing webinars and lessons. I’ll be launching my first lesson subject to demand, after my next speaking engagement later this month.

        The most I do here in Written Words is having a My Books Page.

        I’ll drop by this blog of yours (Lucid Velvet Musings) and read at leisure 🙂

        Peace, blessings and luv,

  3. This little tale bubbled at the surface of my brain this morning and is based on my perception of my favorite WordPress family member and friend, Eric Alagan. I advise you to follow him and you can thank me later: http://ericalagan.net/

    The Fiction-Box

    Eric grew tired of keeping his nose to the grindstone. Day in and day out, he worked as an aerospace engineer. He was of superior intellect, but often, his mind wandered off, far and away from his elevons and ruddervators. He’d lift off into a world supported by zero-gravity within his imagination, where, at his desk, he’d create works of fiction, so powerful and light, that readers are left weakened and heavy by the beauty of his words.

    At his desk on an early evening, he drew plans for an idea that came to him in one of his lucid dreams. He, sitting behind a small desk, encased by glass, with glowing lights, reminiscent of his childhood days of popping coins into a jukebox to hear the songs highlighted within a post-war epoch. The boss, a kid he trained up, would come befuddled that Eric wasn’t digital blueprinting with the state- of-the-art computer programs available at his fingertips, but applaud him for creating the top-treasure born of Eric’s mesmerizing imagination. The young manager, while knowing Eric is a gift to the aerospace technology world, also sees a storyteller whose talent rises beyond the stars.

    The evening passed into night, and many evenings and nights went by, as Eric progressed from his blueprints to his masterpiece, the fiction-box. It was a sturdy, 1950’s American Diner-Nouveau jukebox, with a spin: a place for him to write a story for a bunch of coins. The design was alluring, eye-catching, if you will. There, enclosed, sat Eric, behind a desk with a computer, and for a pocket full of rockets, he’ll lift your imagination to new heights. The stories would be printed at the front of the fiction-box. This magical enclave sat in a family eatery near the coast, just as an old-fashioned jukebox. Here, drawing worldwide fan-fare, Eric spent the remainder of his days enveloped in his mind’s eye.

    1. My goodness, Eva dear,


      I had to pause and re read this. What a lovely essay – and I think, I know this guy 🙂 And yes, it is a ‘clean’ comment – LOL!

      If you see me now, you’ll see me turning hot and red in my face.

      Thank you for taking the time to post such a truly lovely comment. I don’t know what else to say but to thank you again for this generosity of thought and words.

      A great big bear hug and lots of luv heading your way,
      P/s You humble me especially with your words – “favorite WordPress family member and friend”

    1. Congratulations on landing the Shine On Award 🙂

      Thank you also, Barb for thinking of me. Appreciate this Shine On Award and, not to diminish the award but your words mean more to me 🙂

      Much luv and hugz,

  4. Eric,

    Thank you for visiting my website I am thrilled that you are pursuing your passion for writing. I came across a quote you may enjoy, “speech conquers thought, but writing commands it”.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hello and thank you for thr return visit and comment 🙂

      Thank you for sharing that quote. It is along the same vein as what I always say – “Speech articulates thought, and writing gives it everlasting life”.

      All good wishes,

  5. Eric, I’m not sure I’ve replied to thank you for following The Pen’s Might. Seems we never know when we make a connection with others. I paint, do digital art and photography, write essays, satire, humor and musings. Much of this is recent, but it wasn’t until I introduced headline haiku that I received much response. I also want to thank you for the concept of flash fiction. I’ve tried a few of my own. I plan to post some, with credit and a link to you, and hope to join one of your upcoming flash fiction galleries. I wonder if anyone would turn their hand to headline haiku? I look forward to exploring Written Words Never Die

    1. Thank you for your return visit.

      Yes, I write using the haiku format – though, my haiku are not haiku in the strict sense. Flash fictions are good workouts, I reckon and helps me write short stories and novels.

      It would be lovely if you could join and contribute to the next ‘flash fiction gallery’.

      Thank you also for reading my blog posts.

      All good wishes,

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for the return visit and comment. I do flash fictions and short stories as warm-up for my novel writing – kind of, visits to the (mental) gym.

      All good wishes,

  6. Eric, just stopping by to thank you for your recent like on Shift Key and to peruse your interesting site. I am grateful for engineers. They kept me employed as a tech writer in industry for many years. And poetry, there will always be poetry. Thanks.

    1. Hello Alan,
      Thank you for the return visit. A tech writer – like me. I’ve written well over 300 repair schedules when I was in the aerospace industry – all of these are currently in use, albeit with the latest revisions.

      Yes, I love poetry and especially short ones such as haiku.


    1. Hello Cynthia,

      I tried clicking on your littleoldladywho.net.wordpress.com and worpress indicated no such blog exists. You might want to check your settings.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Hello Katie,

      I quite enjoy the dialogue format you use – hilarious but also weaves in subtle profundity.

      Not surprised that you landed the Interesting Blog Award – congratulations.

      Thank you also for nominating my blog. Much appreciate this.

      Cheers, Eric

    1. “Since those early days I met Eric Alagan, who really impressed me very much with his calm philosophical way of managing his blog, I always feel at peace when I read his posts.”

      Such lovely words my dear, Georgia. I am humbled by the generosity of your spirit.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Congratulations on garnering all these awards, Laura. Well done 🙂

      Thank you also and I appreciate you passing on these awards my way – Versatile Blogger, Sunshine Award and WordPress Family Award.

      All good wishes,

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