Scripts and Screenplays

If you wish to receive “first impressions” on a pilot TV script or a feature-length screenplay that you have written, fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

In order to receive useful feedback, please revise your work as much as you possibly can before seeking outside help.

I look forward to working with you.


“I really appreciate Eric’s review of my screenplay. The suggestions he made are constructive and methodical, and have inspired me to enrich the characters and the plots. I would highly recommend Eric as a script consultant and reviewer.”

- Michael Chua, Actor, Scriptwriter/Director, Singapore 18 December, 2014

“Eric had a look at a feature screenplay I was developing and in less than a week, managed to de-construct the whole thing and find all the flaws that I really needed to work on and he did it in a very candid, constructive way. Of course other than critiquing, he also heaped praise on the positive aspects of the script and I found his comments extremely helpful. I’d recommend anyone who is serious about writing to meet Eric, he knows what he’s doing.”

Sivaraj Pragasm, Writer/Director/Editor, Singapore 16 December, 2014

“Eric personally read one of my scripts and critiqued it. He went above and beyond expectations. His feedback was extremely beneficial and helpful. I entered two writing contests over a year ago and paid a fairly large amount for the judges’ feedback. Eric’s feedback for my script “Buggin’ Out” was no different than the feedback I received from them. It was professional beyond belief and looked time consuming. Everything made sense and he knows what he’s talking about. If anyone needs their script revised or dissected for flaws, Eric’s the one to talk to. Eric, thanks for the help and positive feedback. It’s going to help me more than you know!!!”

- Russel Thompson, Restaurant Professional, Screenwriter, Victorville, California, USA December 1, 2014

“I deeply appreciate Eric’s generosity in giving me a thorough and honest appraisal of the film script I’ve just written. With his insightful observations and understanding I know I will now be able to improve my script immensely. Thank you Eric!”

Lauran Childs, English Writer & Artist in Miami, Florida, USA November 24, 2014

“Eric was kind enough to read and review not just one, but three episodes of the TV Series I’m working on. He read each episode and gave me a very detailed and constructive review on them. His insights, attention to detail, and knowledge of the film industry have been extremely helpful in my writing process.”

- Trey Wickwire, Screenwriter and Script Consultant, Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA November 23, 2014

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6 thoughts on “Scripts and Screenplays”

  1. Congratulations Eric. Even when you write your stories, we can visualize them on a big screen. Testimonies from people in the movie industry themselves endorsed your capabilities. Will just wait for the next movie with you as the screen writer. Keep that spirit going.


  2. I just knew that someone with the talents you possess would get into movie script writing or script writing for a TV series. I stand in awe of your talent.


  3. You’ve been away for a while Eric. Now I know what you were up to. Venturing into the movie world with such great potential. You can do anything once you put your mind into it. But I guess it must be an arduous journey. You have amazing talent.


    • Hello Jasey dearest,

      Thank you for your ever supportive words of encouragement.

      Yes, I’ve been kinda busy and I don’t see that abating in the near future.

      All good wishes for the holidays ahead,


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