This blog post, which is outside the usual genre I upload, was inspired by a question posed on a comment I made on YouTube. I posited about the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet and someone asked me for details. You can check out the post in question here >>> 

Once every few months I eat meat dishes for one meal – to keep friends/family company. I also drink wine and liquor to wind down after a hard week – a small reward/indulgence. I mention this to make clear that I’m not a die-hard vegan.

But I’m convinced that switching to a plant-based diet – even a small start like giving up hamburgers, which we can all live without – will help save the environment and make everyone healthier. The biggest threat/contributor to climate change is the meat/fish industry, followed by fossil fuel. Politicians and climate-change activists (those funded by big business) focus on fossil fuel and ignore the larger elephant in the room. They should focus on both fossil fuel and the meat/fish industry. Eradicate the former and make the latter sustainable (perhaps). Check out the trailers for 3 documentaries on YouTube: Cowpiracy; Seapiracy; and Game Changes. You can also Google the names. The full documentaries are on Netflix.

My response to the comment/question:

I’m Singaporean and we cook a mixture of Chinese; Malay; and (south) Indian meals. Whatever the style – it is not bland food. The food tastes exactly as if we are eating meat dishes – this is important for me – because of the sauces used to marinate and cook. I don’t have the recipes.

Anyway, I made a quick video to highlight some of the dishes we cook at home:



    1. Hi, Buddy of mine.

      Great to hear from you. Hope and trust all is good in your neck of the woods.

      Yes, I’ve been a closet environmentalist but said to myself, what the heck! Let them all know 🙂

      I’m been remiss with regards to calling on my fellow blogging friends. My excuse? This year I plan to put out two historical novels – already published one (Mahabharata: The Beginning) and hope to publish the second before Christmas – compared to one novel a year, as in previous years. I also hope to do the same next year – two historical novels. With deep research and all, 24 hours is not enough. LOL. I’ve put in a request for more hours 🙂

      Also, if all goes well as planned, I hope to launch a book series in 2023. Fingers crossed.

      All is well with Lisa and family. On weekends, we enjoy our grand kids. The little ones have given us a new wind in life.

      All good wishes buddy, Jane. Feel free to email me.

      God bless and keep you and yours well.

      Luv and hugz,

      1. Hello my special buddy, so good to hear from you and no pressure at all to do so.

        The hours in a day are finite and goodness me, you have been as prolific as ever filling yours with creativity. ‘Hats off’ to you, my lovely.

        Navigating our global different seas here and flowing along. My Dad passed away and my Mum has made other life changes and now lives near me. A new chapter commences.

        Creatively, I have crafted the first in a series of online courses to assist folks in life.

        We flow on, don’t we?

        All loving energy to your creativity and the life you nurture for you and your loved, my special buddy.

        Hugs and much love, <3
        Jane Xx

      2. Hi, Buddy,

        Very sorry to hear of your father’s passing. My belated but deepest condolences. I cannot pretend to understand how you feel as I lost my father when I was 3 years old. But I believe it must be traumatic. God bless and continue to keep you and your mother well.

        I’m excited to know more about your online courses. Could you send me an access link to the first one. Many thanks.

        Hugz and luv to a special buddy,

      3. Thank you, my special buddy. God bless.

        I am excited about your new book. I am in awe of your creativity. I will send you the course as soon as I have completed it. Just wrapping my head around video editing! Such fun….

        We’re always learning aren’t we?

        Huge hugs to you always, and much love to you both. Xxxx <3

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