1. Hello Ina,

      That’s true, isn’t it – we all have talents we’re unaware of, I reckon. And sometimes, we surprise ourselves.


      *** Singular Mysteries ***

      Deeper than oceans
      Know your strengths and weaknesses
      HR mantra truths

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  1. I especially enjoyed the illustration accompanying this haiku – two watering cans fairly splurging out water. There would have to be a lot of running back and forth to keep that going. The hoes of talent demand investment and work to bring forth fruit. .

    1. Hello Jane,

      In my early years, I lived in a kampong – village – in the northern reaches of Singapore near the Royal Navy base. I carried water in 5 gallon tins, strung on a pole across my shoulders, for an elderly neighbour. Water for washing and bathing. You might recall an episode from Mechanic Leigh. When the tins rusted and sprang holes, the farmers used them to water their farms. Nothing went to waste. We lived a hard but idyllic life.


      *** Happiness ***

      Happiness within
      From what we gave, not receive
      Enjoyable work

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  2. And we have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the educational institute to uncover or confine our talents and issue a piece of paper to endorse it. LOL.

    1. Hello Windy,

      I like that – to uncover or confine our talents. Good one.

      Well, modern education is all about specialisation and compartmentalisation to feed industries. This is important, no doubt. But when a person’s job defines that person…

      Trust the week is going well for you,

      *** Paper Chase ***

      Win the paper chase
      A great start to one’s career
      Note the keyword: start

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    1. Thank you, Ben,

      For taking the time to craft and share your haiku. And excellent advice.


      *** Pixels ***

      Pixels make the whole
      When one mutates, cancer spreads
      Eat meat, eat the earth

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