1. Friendship is a strong, imponderable bond. When it is combined with a family member, another mystery, it lasts a lifetime. Even more wondrous when it is a spouse.

    1. Hello Ina,

      That’s right. Friendship combined with a family member such as a spouse/partner is fantastic. I’m lucky to be in such a relationship.


      *** My Best Friend ***
      Friend, lover, and spouse
      But always friend, first and last
      Not by chance, by fate

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello my Nairobi friend,

      Strange but your comment went into my spam folder. First time! Naughty WordPress!


      *** First Time ***
      Fickle human trait
      Quest to make machines human
      First hints of foibles

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  2. Friendship is quite unexplainable. There are some who have been away for a long time but as soon as you meet, you quickly pick up where you left as if you had been together all the time. With some friends, sometimes you can quarrel and argue fiercely, but you know you can trust them when you need them. Strangely also you can rely on your friends better than your kins and relatives. Perhaps that is why God created this special friendship bond so we will not be alone.

    1. Hello Windy,

      Merry Christmas – and welcome back from your holidays.

      I agree that true friendship is one which has weathered many challenges.

      Luv and hugz to a friend,

      *** Armoured ***
      Not time, not distance
      Not quarrels, even anger
      Affects true friendship

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello Bill,

      One is silver, the other gold. Now, that’s true in many ways. And this old saying is new to me, Bill. Thank you for sharing.

      Merry Christmas to you too,

      *** Precious ***
      Unalloyed metals
      Old is gold, new is silver
      Both valuable

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  3. Yes you are talking about friendships in the purest definition. There are friendships that come and go and have no permanent roots, but a true friend is there for life even in long absences. Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Hello Ian,

      Yes, I refer to friendship in its highest form. But all friendship occupy the steps of a pyramid. The more we invest in a friendship, the higher up the pyramid.

      Merry Christmas 🙂

      *** Pyramidal ***
      Judge not a poor friend
      Grass, as tall trees, have a role
      Life of greenery

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

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