I’m giving away free copies of Mechanic Leigh via Amazon for a 5-day period from 23rd to 27th September 2018. (Start and End dates – USA midnight Pacific Time)

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Mechanic Leigh is a grandpa but his stories are not told by a middle-aged man. He tells his stories as a boy of 14, 10 or even 6 years old. What will he say? How will he sound?

What if you could talk to him in the present day but with him having a foot back in time—to his sepia days? If you met him as a kid, would you want to be his friend?

Some of you remember him and enjoyed his stories. Reconnect. Join Mechanic Leigh, through his years from six, to ten, and fourteen.

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Welcome to the by-gone world of Mechanic Leigh.

New cover and less the typos 🙂