1. Ahh, more daunting truth, Eric. 🙁 I reached the point a while ago not to buy anything boxed, except, “healthy” cereals, and a few other items. Even buying organic is more on my to-do list within reason. Some things are really expensive. One thing a little off topic is checking dates. I’m more diligent now after a horrible case of food poisoning that took me to ER. I had grabbed a healthy snack off the shelf without checking the date like I normally do and it was old. Never again. Anyway, it’s scary to think of what we’re putting in our bodies. And yet, my parents lived into their 90’s. 🙂
    Hugs for a happy weekend!

    1. Hello Lauren,

      Wow, poisoning from expired food that took you to ER; now that’s serious.

      Most of the organic vegetables are cultivated by conscientious people but they have it tough against big business and cheap factory prices. Then, there is organic meat such as free ranging chicken produce. The laws of economics simply put much of these food sources out of reach for most of us.

      Thank you for your visit and contribution. And your warm hugs are very welcome 🙂

      All good wishes for the weekend,

      One group controls tests
      Same group manipulates laws
      Killers enter homes

      ‘And it’s cheaper to produce; tastes better too,’ said the VP Marketing. ‘Will easily add at least five points to our bottom line.’

      ‘Those are fine numbers you have there,’ said the CEO.

      ‘But sir, laboratory tests indicate a fair probability that sustained consumption can lead to cardiac arrests,’ said the CTO.

      ‘And there are a dozen other stuff out there that cause cardiac arrests,’ said the VP Marketing.

      ‘In a worst scenario we might end up on the police line-up,’ said the CTO.

      ‘And we’ll create the usual noise and distraction,’ said the VP Marketing.

      ‘And we all know how fleeting the attention span of the idiots out there,’ said the CEO. He leaned back with a smile, and interlocked his fingers over his ample stomach

      Haiku & Story: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  2. This is an irony. We are supposed to have clean and hygienic food in this generation and supposedly “unhygienic” food in the past. I feel it is the reverse.

    Your story in reply to Bill is so apt. They have the antidote first and worked backwards. So we hear of new sicknesses or perhaps a new name given. After taking one medicine, who knows there are side effects that lead to more medicines.

    1. Hello Windy dear,

      Our food is clean and hygienic—but is it healthy. The amount of sugar, salt, and oils we consume is at dangerous levels I reckon. Couple this with a lack of physical exercise and we have a health checklist with all the wrong boxes ticked.

      I read a report somewhere that even chicken are genetically modified to render them featherless—meaning, one less step in “processing” chicken meat. I don’t know the science behind this, but it doesn’t sound right.


      Premium meat from labs
      Featherless, skinless, boneless
      Enjoy soulless meals

      The eager young couple went over a selection chart. The husband had a fixed smile while his wife kept changing her mind.

      ‘There are just so many variations to choose from,’ said the wife.

      ‘Take your time honey,’ said the husband, his voice mechanical. ‘We want the best for our little girl.’

      ‘It is new technology first developed to render chicken featherless,’ said the doctor, filling the time, and repeating what the couple already knew. ‘And science has taken it several steps further. Perfectly safe, I assure you.’

      ‘This, a lovely deep red,’ said the wife, and the husband nodded in agreement.

      ‘Excellent choice,’ said the doctor. ‘Your child will be one in a million.’

      The new in-thing. Genetically modified babies. The couple’s child will have natural deep red hair on her head, and smooth hairless arms and legs.

      Haiku & Story: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  3. Yes indeed, if it’s not hormones in meat, its chemicals in vegetables and fruit and for that matter even in the canned stuff you buy in the supermarket. But hard physical work helps organs to deal with most of that, the people’s of the past ate spoiled food because there was no easy means to preserve it but they survived because they did hard physical work. In today’s world even the hardest work lacks that level of physical activity so we are a sick generation living longer to suffer.

    1. Hello Ian,

      Yes, there is something about hard physical work that keeps away illnesses. And our lot has it really bad. Most of our work is not really physically taxing but we do live longer, thanks to medical science.

      But the 64 million dollar question is: what is our quality of life—especially in our December years.


      Nature’s vaccines gone
      Clean sedentary lifestyle
      Life of breathing dead

      A big shout went up and Shashi watched as his daughter, Hemma, fussed over his grandson. The boy had tripped and fallen down on the rubber mat covered playground and suffered a scrape on his knee.

      ‘It’s only a small cut,’ said Shashi. ‘He’ll be all right.’

      ‘Dad,’ said Hemma

      He recognised that tone. It said, keep out of this, I’m the parent.

      Shashi went back to the bench and rubbed his right calf. Back in the village, when he was a boy, a dog had mauled him. His father had given him a slap for getting bitten and ruining the family routine. After which he dragged Shashi to the village clinic. The doctor gave Shashi a jab and stitched the wound—without anaesthetic. The very next day, he had to help his father in the family mutton stall.

      ‘Dad,’ said Hemma. ‘I’m taking boy-boy to the doctors. Can you fix your own dinner?’

      Shashi did better than fix his own dinner. By the time Hemma returned with his grandson, he had prepared dinner for the family.

      Haiku & Story: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello Shalilah,

      Once a week is moderation, I reckon. Plus, I believe that after a hard week, we need to reward ourselves. But daily consumption might lead to problems.

      In the 1970/80s when fast food was all the rage, I too frequented these joints. LOL.

      All good wishes,

      Saves time, convenient
      Daily fix keeps one going
      Payback looms with time

      ‘You need to cut down on oily food, fried food, and processed food,’ said Faizaan.

      After her bypass operation, Amidah, decided to take her husband’s advice—for a week or so.

      Then, she kept piling on weight while Faizaan, a fitness fanatic, had a physique men envied and women fawned over.

      As fate would have it, Faizaan lived a long and happy life—and so did Amidah.

      But not everyone can count on fate.

      Haiku & Story: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Another apt haiku, Bill,

      Good one and thank you for sharing.

      Yes, the rich always have alternatives. They rise above the herd and much of what they do to others, does not affect them.

      Reminds me of all those “brave” politicians and generals who are quick to war – as long as they are not in the frontlines.

      All good wishes for the weekend,

      Disease, remedy
      Release one, then the other
      Snake devours own tail

      ‘There are no symptoms, the infected simply dies, and autopsy will reveal nothing,’ said Phil Grubber, Chief Scientist, his trademark white coat in sharp contrast to the sombre blue suits in the boardroom.

      ‘And how does it get transmitted from one host to another?’ asked Cliff Haylock, Executive Chairman, gym-trim and handsome.

      ‘The host can be human, animal or plant. The chromosomes of the virus are constantly mutating and reverting within a predetermined cyclic pattern—’

      ‘Phil, English, please,’ said Haylock.

      A ripple of laughter travelled around the boardroom. The glass wall accorded a panoramic view of the beach and ocean. The sun was bright and the beach full with happy people.

      ‘Well sir, think of it as a slot machine,’ said Grubber. He adjusted his round rimmed glasses and, with a hand, combed back the lonely strands of hair on his head. ‘The DNA is constantly rearranging itself and one never knows when one hits the jackpot. Of course, in this case, the jackpot is death.’

      ‘One moment they would go after the usual suspects: sex workers, homosexuals, and drug addicts,’ said Pamela Sly, CEO, sharp blues over a bursting white shirt. ‘And the next minute, mosquitos, birds, and raw fish.’

      ‘And don’t forget the mad cows,’ said Haylock, wagging his finger.

      ‘We’ve the cows covered too,’ said Pamela Sly, eliciting more laughter.

      ‘You do have the antidote?’ said Haylock.

      ‘We actually started with the antidote and worked backwards,’ said Grubber.

      ‘Potential sales from the drug, no less than twenty billion,’ said Pamela Sly.

      ‘All right then, hit the road,’ said Haylock.

      A week later a first shipment of food relief departed for a war wrecked nation in Africa.

      Haiku & Story: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello Willow dear,
      Yes, truth can be awful and best avoided.

      Truth can be awful
      Routine whistles in the dark
      Happens to others

      Haiku: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

      Have a pleasant weekend,

    1. Thank you, my Nairobi friend.

      Precision at work
      Calibrated for profit
      Shareholders rejoice

      Haiku: Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

      Have a great weekend ahead,

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