1. Dear Eric,

    Eyes mesmerizing
    Held utterly spellbound by
    Irises beauty.

    Lovely sentiments, my friend, most apropos on a day laced in love and budding Romance.

    That simple gaze that speaks of love speaks volumes without words.

    Warmest wishes, Eric, to you and your Beloved!


    1. More said without words
      Onesness of two loving souls
      Their private heaven

      Dear Paul,

      What a lovely haiku you’ve shared – thank you my dear friend.

      You’re right – couples in deep love have special body language.

      Happy Valentine’s to you and your wife too 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Garden weeds normal
      Careful using pesticides
      Lest one kills off blooms

      Hello Lauren,

      You’re right. A garden of love take much tender loving care to nurture. And the rewards are plentiful.

      All good wishes,

  2. Love often meets us at unexpected places and/or times. And when it flourishes into something as deep and beautiful as marriage, it’s a whole new experience — well, it’s not with its lows at times. Thanks for reminding us about this love.

    1. Love is free ranging
      Unshackled by time and place
      Strikes without warning

      Hello Uzo,
      Good of you to drop by with your thoughts.
      Marriage is a whole new experience – true 🙂
      All good wishes, my friend,

  3. We all need that magical contact where cupid is at full works, followed by many lessons to appreciate, understand and sustain the relationship. Such wondrous blessings we discover when we realize he/she was a Godsend to make our life complete at most time.

    Very apt haiku , Eric.

    1. Cupid keeps busy
      Shoots arrows at lovers’ hearts
      Gives life and not death

      Hello Windy dear,
      You’re right. Easy to fall in love but it takes much effort to nurture, sustain and grow it. Growing old together in love is truly God’s gift.
      Happy Valentine’s my dear,

    1. Roots of life and love
      Sink deep, spread wide, to reach high
      Accidents of fate?

      Hello Ina,
      Yes, we need to get the basics right.
      Happy Valentine’s

  4. Cleverly worded to illustrate an emotion that was originally intended to lead to a lifetime of happiness and shared joy through to the next generation. Unfortunately it is becoming rarer for that kiss to be honoured through a lifetime these days Eric.

    1. One man, one woman
      Natural or man’s dictates
      A divided camp

      Hello Ian,
      You and I come from a generation that (mostly) live by certain norms, especially with regards to matrimony. Values change. You’re right – it is unfortunate.
      Thank you for your kind words, re the haiku,

    1. All seek blessed lives
      Takes maturity, hard work
      Share love, receive love

      Hello Bill,
      Yes, I agree.
      Love is a robust bloom but also delicate, I reckon.
      All good wishes,

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