1. One’s fluttering heart
      Transports one to special realms
      Treasured memories

      Hello Ina,
      These moments are so filled with magic – words cannot always do full justice.
      I hope all your wishes come true,

    1. Show love all year round
      Love, not a retailer’s stunt
      Keep your love unique

      Hello Jane,
      You spotted it right – this is a warm up for Valentine’s. And yes, Hallmark does come up with some marvellous words for all occasions.
      Thank you for your visit and comment,

  1. I love the pink bubbles and that already makes me heady.

    I think it’s fate or destiny first, then come the eyes contact, follow by the fireworks.

    1. Fate or destiny
      Once love arrow is let loose
      It will find the heart

      Dear Windy,
      I too subscribe to your thoughts. We’re players in a play already decided. The big question for me – who wrote the script? God? In one sense, yes. But it is more of a Chinese nested box, I reckon.
      P/s I love the bubbly too 🙂

  2. Yes the eye is a major contributor, but I read somewhere in the past there had been some scientific experiments which suggested smell was a major contributor so it could be chemistry in general. Obviously eye contact in a crowd is an important opener. Unfortunately, apart from chemistry, one may learn on getting to know the person they are incompatible as a lifetime partner. That’s when the head should click in to checkmate the hormones. 🙂

    1. Smell, touch, taste and more
      Many facets but eyes first
      Head and heart play games

      Hello Ian,
      All you say is right. Perhaps that’s why sometimes Mr/Ms Right turns out to be Mr/Ms Very Wrong 🙂

  3. Dear Eric,

    I, too, remember such a rush of love, frissons of delight as I espied my future Beloved amongst the crowd, thrusting through the throng, ignoring bodies and limbs and cocktails in order to come close to my ethereal wonder, my soon-to-be wife.

    You captured it all in three lines. I admire how you condensed such a heady feeling in so few words, a testament to your writing prowess.

    Thank you for creating yet another alluring and compelling storyline. it spoke to my heart, and tonight will I turn in bed and give my love a lingering hug before slumber.

    Take care, my friend,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Eyes see, heart flutters
      In a crowd, loved one stands out
      A special bonding

      Dear Paul,
      I totally share your sentiments. In busy malls, crowded cocktail rooms and anywhere with plenty of people – one tries to stand taller to catch sight of one’s loved one. And when the eyes connect – what a marvellous feeling that. Truly a private and special bond.
      Enjoy your time with your significant other 🙂
      God bless you and yours, my friend,

    1. Three lines can say much
      Write life’s story in three lines
      Three stages of life

      Good morning,

      I combined your two comments. LOL – sometimes like the mouth, the hand runs ahead 🙂


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