1. The clock never stops , does it? We toil and toil. Can one say he will achieve all there is — his goals included — in one lifetime?

    This piece is food for thought.

    1. A swell fits one’s thumb
      Expect no more, strive no less
      Goals must fit one’s span

      Dear Uzo,
      You’re right – the clock never stops.
      We chose our goals – and whether or not we achieve them depends on the goals and us, I reckon.
      All good wishes,

    1. Some days, writing works
      On most days, muse takes a break
      Story of many lives 🙂

      Hello Damyanti,
      I believe many people can relate to what you say.
      Keep plodding and all the best,

    1. Not a moment’s rest
      Not a footprint left behind
      Plenty of nothing

      Hello Ina,
      Thank you for your visit and comment.
      You’re right – aimlessly busy.
      All good wishes,

  2. Wonder what we are chasing after. Is this the purpose of our life? Did we learn what we set out to do in this life? Sigh, most of us are but corporate slaves.

    1. Purpose lost in noise
      Systems enslave one from birth
      Unseen chains shackle

      Hello Windy dear,
      Good question – what is the purpose of our lives? A thousand sages, a million bits of wisdom.
      All good wishes,

    1. To live happy lives
      Search not for material wealth
      Human love the key

      Hello Ian,

      You are right. If people can pause and reflect. But people are too busy with work, distracted by hand held devices, and so forth.

      Even as a young “busy” couple, when we were at a restaurant, we lingered for up to three hours – talking, enjoying one another’s company, and taking in the ambiance. Meanwhile, very often, over at the next table no less than two families/couples would have come and gone. Some times, even a third seating. We could never understand the rush. LOL.


    1. One worked, paid the bills
      Now, two work and not enough
      Wants and needs, rats race

      Hello Jane,
      Thank you for your visit and comment.
      Trust the week’s been good,

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