Colours bring us together

               Colours tear some apart

               Colours attract

               Colours repel

               Colours of familiarity

               Colours of the unknown

               Colours, Garden of Eden

               Colours, a cosmic gag reel?

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan ***


  1. The energy source producing colours is consistent. It is only in the eye of the beholder that we recognize colours and decide how to relate to them. All are important.

    1. Hello Ian,

      You’re right about the energy source. I’m learning quite a few things from all the comments. Super!

      BTW, you’ve not uploaded a post for quite some time. I hope all is okay – you lack the time and it has nothing to do with health.

      All good wishes,

      1. I’m struggling a bit these days so have been taking time to get enthusiastic about the new year. lol. I’ve set a goal to recommence in February so my first for the year will be end of this week. I’m slowly getting out of some of the responsibilities I’ve taken on in retirement and will just concentrate on my writing in future.

  2. Architects are taught that colors selected for an environment affect the psyche of the occupants, so yes, you are right they are very significant. As a completely irrelevant aside I have to tell you about my brother’s garden fence which he painted as a rainbow with a full spectrum of graduating colors. It has become a local tourist attraction!

    1. Dear Jane,

      I learned something today – architects taught the importance of colours. Now that you’d mentioned it – it’s an obvious skill for an architect.

      I love that aside regarding your brother’s fence. Must be some novelty – adding all that colour.


  3. Colors can breathtaking. They can also be a gigantic mess. Colors have significance.

    I love the photo design, and appreciate the insightfulness of the poem. It made me reflect deeply.

  4. Even the colors of clothing depict which season you belong to; whether spring, summer, fall or winter, e.g. peach (Spring) or a pale lavender (Summer), deep & bold colors for Autumn and cool for Winter. Colors are exciting, we can make them lively or dowdy depending on the time and mood.

    1. You’re right, Windy,

      In the Chinese culture for example, red is auspicious – used for weddings, marriages, and all joyous occasions. White is for funeral.

      You also see colours in religions. For example, in Catholicism, the priests wear different coloured vestments over the liturgical year.

      All good wishes,

    1. Hello Shalilah,

      Bright colours add cheer, don’t they. And dull colours combined with poor light – can be the pits. I’m all for vibrant colours and bright light.

      Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

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