1. Wouldn’t it be nice if all our sweet dreams did come true Eric. It will always be a mixed bag in life. Sometimes good experiences, sometimes bad. But we need to keep a positive attitude through it all. For some reason I was not able to comment on your latest Greek story.

    1. Sweet dreams do come true
      But more often a mixed bag
      Thorns too have uses

      Good morning, Ian,

      Very true, what you say – a positive attitude enables us to see opportunities and learn valuable lessons even when a bad hand is dealt our way.

      The ancient Greek tale – I’m afraid I close comments after the first 5 primary comments or the next post, whichever the sooner. This helps me to draft and load the next post, due on Friday. As you know, based on comments received, the story meanders. I need time to gather my thoughts, as I am always winging it with my reply/continuations.

      Hope to receive your comment for this Friday’s post.


    1. The world needs more peace
      He has returned from the grave 🙂
      Beware his humour

      Hello, hello, hello 🙂
      Welcome back and Happy New Year to you too,

  2. Most of your haiku fastidiously follow the 5/7/5 haiku model, flowing with apparent ease. Thus one is structured differently. I like it, but wonder why you did so? It is said that all rules are there to be broken and this one seems to be a good candidate. It is a great New Year message – Hallmark would love it!

    1. Five seven five mode
      There goes the haiku kingship 🙂
      Forever learning

      You are right, Jane dear, it was not intentional and I made a mistake with this one. “Reality” has four syllables and not three. Thank you for pointing out. Learned something new today 🙂

      All good wishes,

  3. Oh yes, all good dreams and fantasies should materialize and be fulfilled, so we can make better dreams with the start of the new year.

    I hope all the great leaders will just pause and reflect on what they can do to make the world a better place. Set aside technology advancement and selfish possessions. Search their inner beings to bring about peace, harmony and generosity of heart.

    Beautiful picture – serene and scenic. Love it.

    1. Serene and scenic
      It reveals a thousand words
      New story to write 🙂

      Hello Windy dear,
      There is so much wrong with this world but I remain positive.
      Let’s make this, each in our small way, a better year.
      With luv and hugz,

    1. The shoe fits the foot
      Where will my legs take me next
      Thrilled, also cautious

      Hello Shree, (reproducing my comment here too)
      Had a quick read of your recent post. You have gone through and still going through quite a bit. Hang in there, dear – for you are a gritty one.
      All good wishes for the year ahead,
      P/s Yes, a shower works for me too 🙂

      1. Aww..thank you! And yes, I know I will be alright…and that’s a good feeling to have even though sometimes the panicked thoughts kinda make my mind run around in circles.

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