1. Ugh..as usual I missed “the party”. Just wanted to say that I loved the story of Alastor! Great one and can’t wait for the next story 🙂

  2. Dear Eric!

    Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a most spectacular new year, one filled with excitement and new beginnings.

    Thank you, as always, for providing my soul with much nourishment over the years, as your words allow my own Muse to spark, rekindling unwritten passages needing a voice.

    Take care, my friend, and here’s to all things bright and wonderful in 2018!

    Warmest wishes your way,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Dear Paul,

      Your comment, as always, is well-thought through poetry. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart. Your constant presence and words of encouragement keeps me going too.

      Here’s wishing you and your loved ones peace, safety and security, and all things joyful.

      Coming to you tied with ribbons of warm wishes,
      Eric 🙂

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous fireworks. I slept through the coming of the New Year and missed seeing any. Best wishes for a new year blessed with kindness, love, whimsy, worthwhile challenges and sweet victories. I pray for grace for our world that has lost its bearings. I pray thanks to our God who does not abandon us.

    1. Amen to that, Ina 🙂 You said it all and more.

      Usually, I would sleep through too but not this year. And today, it starts again 🙂

      All good blessings ahead,

  4. Happy New Year ! Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy, happy and fabulous new year. May the good Lord shower us all with great blessings. And we be kind to one another.
    Cheers, Eric.

    1. Windy dear,

      You covered it all 🙂 Yes, let us spread more love all around. And may the Good Lord bless us all with His Grace and Guidance. Thank you for your constant support here in WP.

      Love and hugz,

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