1. It illuminates
      Reveals secrets and answers
      Life, a tiny stage

      Hello Stephen,
      Good to see you here. And thank you for the comment 🙂
      Merry Christmas,

    1. YouTube, internet
      Travel from home, 3D soon
      World, a click away

      Hello Ian,

      You are so very right and for less than a cent, I get my very own copyright photo images. See the image I used in my post above.

      Happy Travels,

  1. Whether in reality or in our dreams, beautiful scenes captivate and last long in our memory. For me, pictures of the blue sea and snow never fails to fascinate.

    I am all in Christmas mood now. Hope you are too, Eric.

    1. What is reality
      Is it real like illusion 🙂
      Journey’s end will show

      Hello Windy,
      Yes, the aura of Christmas is upon us. Time for reflection and thanks giving. And carousing too 🙂
      All good wishes,

    1. Short and sweet comment
      Very apt for a haiku
      I have seen the world

      Hello Willow, dear,
      Trust the Christmas count down is coming along well 🙂

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