1. Thank you, Ian,
      We are living in a right royal mess and the institutions of our civilzation are buffeted from all sides – and accentuated by the ready access to and intrusion from what is purveyed as “news”.

    1. Hi Windy,
      I suppose that’s one way to view it.
      However, if one agrees to play by the rules established, one ought to keep to one’s end of the bargain – otherwise, we have chaos as what we are witnessing in some places.
      Perhaps we need new rules 🙂 and don’t be shocked when the new is worse than the imperfect old.

    1. Hello Kathy,
      Welcome aboard and my goodness, you went through the archives and read and ticked like on so many posts. Thank you so very much for expending your time on my blog. I’m humbled and also very happy.
      I’ve subscribed to your blog and will return to relish your offerings.
      All good wishes and thank you again,

      1. Hi Eric, I haven’t gone through it all. You have many entries, but I usually devote one day to reading the content of someone who likes my posts or comments. I see I actually followed you first.
        You write about s many different things, compared to what I write about. I like the variety of topics that you cover, because I like reading about other peoples experiences, good and bad. I don’t know when I will get to read all of them, but hope to at some point.. Oh, my name is Kathy, Stefani, is my last name.

      2. Hi Kathy,
        I’ve since corrected the name in my earlier reply. Thank you 🙂
        Yes, I do write several genre – prose and haiku, fiction and non-fiction and even screenplays. This blog is like a buffet – pick and choose what you will.
        But about a year ago, I spun off two more blogs – one for my business articles and courses, and another for my scripts/movie reviews. You can see the widgets on the L/H sidebar.
        That is lovely of you to devote a day to read posts on new blogs you follow. I can’t spare the time but usually try to read as many posts as possible.
        I’ll be dropping by your blog and to relish your haiku.
        Thank you again, Kathy, and all good wishes,

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