Happy is he

Who sleeps blissful under the stars

And beggar is he

Who lies wide-eyed under his crystalware

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2016 ************


  1. Beautiful quote, Eric. Then there’d be some smart alecs whom would say “Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than a bicycle.”

    I am never really agreeable with that quote (the rich guy in the Mercedes one). It is an unfair comparison in the eternal debate between being sad/rich vs happy/poor; except this time it’s comparing between sad/rich vs sad/poor. Very sneaky, don’t you think?

    Now I kind of miss the night sky away from the cities. Pitch dark. Silence. Hundreds of thousands of stars. Marvelous.

    1. Hello, Wai Chii,
      Yes, I’ve heard that one too – better to suffer among riches than suffer in squalor. As you rightly pointed out, it’s nothing more than being a smart alec.
      As a kid, I would spend hours gazing at the night sky. Back then, we did not have tons of homework and “enrichment classes” to ruin our childhood. I recall marveling at the different coloured stars – red, blue, green and, of course, white. All twinkling away. Cloudless nights were really brilliant.
      Thanks to pollution, you don’t see colours now – only white stars – if at all. And, some fairly recent additions – satellites.
      Thank you for your visit and sharing.
      All good wishes,

  2. Well put. I agree that happiness and contentment are not necessarily associated with wealth and possessions. I also agree that la belle etoile is an awesome bedtime canopy.

    1. Hello Jane,
      Yes, the heavenly stars are marvelous.
      Outside my bedroom window – lush greenery – tall trees – which I love.
      Sometimes, I simply love to sit out on the balcony and take in the stars – as you say, awesome.
      All good wishes,

  3. It’s the old saying that only with integrity and honesty, can you be peaceful with what you acquire. Some can get away from the law or even manage to cover their improper acts well, however when alone and lying down, he can’t run away from his inner truth.

    Hope you have a good week, Eric.

    1. Hello Jasey, dear,
      It matters not whether the law catches up or whether the person is found guilty. It only matters that the person knows what s/he has done. For, s/he is the most merciless judge.
      I’m having a great week and thank you for your well wishes,

  4. I reckon it is better to enjoy the warmth of the crowd admiring beautiful glittering stars together, than to view your crystal ware at home alone, with no one to share and enjoy its worth.

    Maybe this is why those who have more – fear to lose, especially if they had tread “unwisely” in their desire to acquire them, while those who have less have nothing much to lose and naturally sleep well.

    Like this post, very well phrased, Eric.

    1. “I wonder why they stay awake, staring up, Brother Grinn.”
      “They marvel at the stars, the heavens up above, Brother Grinn.”
      “I meant, the rich guys, Brother Grinn?”
      “Oh, they’re wondering whether the chain will hold, Brother Grinn.”
      “Ah, yes, Brother Grinn, we can’t have the lovely crystal shatter.”

    1. You’re welcome, dear.
      The words might be – a big maybe – original, but the idea is well known.
      I challenge myself to say more with less. Glad you liked it.

    1. Hello, Que
      Great to see you back again 🙂
      Yes, it must be terrible – unable to get a good night’s sleep.
      Here’s to happy slumbers,

  5. Once again you’re challenging us to think with this piece of wisdom. I guess you could go in several directions but the basic idea to each is that people with very little are often happy in spite of their circumstances but the rich are stressed out alert trying to protect stuff that will not be available to them when they pass on.

    1. Nothing new here, as you know, Ian.
      Same old wisdom with some new wrappings perhaps.
      I watch people with millions, and even billions, who keep toiling away – and can only wonder. Then, once in awhile you read of some rich guy who gives it all away – well, he keeps some for his progeny, which is perfectly understandable – and I cannot but look kindly upon his actions.
      But we each have to decide how much is enough, for, as you rightly pointed out – the needle’s eye beckons.

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