And the three were given a gold piece each and told, “Set forth and find bliss.”

The first purchased land and palaces.

The second indulged in wine, women , verse.

The third gave his gold piece to the poor.

Who did well? Who did poorly?

As humans, we don’t judge, we accept.

Can you – truthfully – accept?

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2016 ************


  1. Possibly all of them, possibly none of them. Can’t tell based on the facts as written. We aren’t told who found bliss and what they chose is their own responsibility.

  2. A beautiful verse above. I had lost my ‘follow’ for your site as I cleaned out my ‘following’ sites when I think you took a blogging break and so think I deleted you off my ‘following’ list, so sorry Eric. But, now that I see you’re posting regularly again I have it up now to ‘follow’. 🙂 I will try to catch up now on some of your posts I did not read. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hello Joyce,
      Thank you for your comment and compliment. 50 years coming up – Wow! – how can I forget that!
      No worries about that “unfollow” – and yes, I did drop off the blogging grid.
      Thank you for following again 🙂
      Have a great weekend too,

  3. For some reason I had stopped getting notice of your posts. Thanks to your comment the other day on my post I looked in on your blog and realised you have been posting all along. Quite a poser you have posted here.

    1. Hello Ankur, my friend,
      No worries – WP does have their fair share of glitches. I’ve not been blogging and am now trying to get into a once a week posting schedule.
      Messed it up this week – instead of posting on my scheduled Tuesday morning, it came through on 13th, a Sunday.
      Thank you for your visit and comment.
      I notice from your posts that you’ve not lost your touch 🙂

  4. I had to think about that one. I suppose we do all three over a lifetime don’t we? Interesting how the Hindus assign a specific role for stages of life and the final stage is the receiving time in which an ashram is an important tool in the cycle. Yes gifts may be given to the poor at each stage but that is the vain attempt to ward off the spirits and store merit. The last stage is cream on the cake of life. It’s mostly self-centred isn’t it? The attitude seems to be we are individually responsible for our own path in life and others the same. Where is mutual responsibility in it all? But there is satisfaction in giving, not in the accumulating of merit, but just the feeling we have done something worthwhile in the giving which in turns gives our existence meaning..

    1. Precisely, Ian – and as I observed in my reply to Bill’s comment.
      You have given much thought before penning your comment, I see – and am grateful for your care and consideration.
      If I may add, I like to think that one can be individually responsible and yet exercise mutual responsibility.
      What I cannot accept – Did I just say that, cannot accept? – is that some priest holds the key.
      Then again, my journey continues and I might yet come to accept what the flock has readily accepted.
      All good wishes, Ian, and always a pleasure to have you visit and comment,

    1. I’d a chuckle when I read your comment, Bill
      It was as if, you were describing me. LOL!
      I always console myself that at age 60 now, if I had not learned, not changed…
      Good one!

  5. Perhaps each of them has a different challenge in life. They are equally given a gold piece to see which route they will take.

    Just as God is fair to give everyone the same 24 hours a day, how each uses the time is what he/she will be accountable for. The same applies for the gold piece.

    We are unfortunately human with our own bias. To truthfully accept the acts which is against our belief may not be that simple.

    Thank you for this self reflecting post, Eric.

    1. Hello Jasey, dear
      A honest appraisal, one will be well received by all who read your words, I’m sure.
      You’re right, in that, this post is a call to pause and reflect – beyond the 3 with gold pieces.
      Luv and hugz,

  6. My first reaction was exactly as Makagutu stated. I don’t believe we can judge from the outside who did well though we would apply standards to the outcome of each.

    1. Hello Val,
      I like your calibrated approach.
      To simply “accept”, and in essence take the role of “bystander”, is to abdicate our responsibilities as a member of human society.
      All good wishes for the weekend,

  7. I wish I was one of the three given the gold piece, that would be great. Just like if someone strikes million dollars Toto draw, we will say, why is it not me, ha,ha.

    Anyway, if I am to voice my preference, I will go for the first who had purchased land and palaces. Why ? Because in so doing, he has inadvertently created jobs and earning avenues for many – the builders, architects, house maid, property agents, etc., etc. When his wealth grows and he purchased more, there will be more to reap from him. Even if he is not such a generous person, he will still have to pay to get the job done. Giving direct handout is kind and generous, but we are not Jesus, who can feed almost five thousand crowd with five loaves of bread. This person has to grow his money first, then he feeds more and hopefully throughout his lifetime.

    This is just my single view, Eric. Like you say, each of us interpret your post differently.

  8. The place of “Self actualization” determines our altruism, when one reaches that place of selflessness, we can think beyond our material wants… so are we all evolving to reach that state? Depends?

    How are you Eric? Hope you and family are well.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hello Aparna,
      Good to see your comment and thank you for asking. All’s well with family and moi:-)
      Trust it’s all good in SF too.
      Re your comment: I like to think that we’re always evolving – and far into the yonder.
      All good wishes,

      1. Let me try again.
        If anyone of them regretted their decision or action, they did poorly.
        If on the other hand they had pleasure, I think they did well by themselves.
        How we feel about their actions should follow that maxim in the conversation between Arjuna and Krishna – to look at a mound of gold as we look at a mound of sand, that is with indifference

  9. We should but inwardly we will glorify the third one and try to make him a selfless saint. It’s human nature( for our own selfish reasons).

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