1. Gone are the days when they say “my word is my honor!”. They said it with pride on their integrity and with all intent to keep.

    We are now living in a world where even the word “guarantee” is doubtful. “Promise” in consequence, is merely an assurance.

    Sorry Eric, am I becoming too cynical ? There must be a flip to every coin, hopefully we do get surprises.

    1. Jasey,
      Integrity is indeed becoming a rare human trait – though there remain many who live by their word. There’s a price to pay, of course.
      When you speak the truth, there are some who try to bring you down by posting a label on you – “cynical”. It is tough, I suppose, when you hold up a mirror for them to look in.
      Cong Xi Fa Cai 🙂

  2. Short and sweet, Eric, and it left a lot to ponder for. I’m getting a double meaning vibe, although I’m unsure if that’s intended to be so.

    At face value, we seemed to regard that words uttered by people are fickle and slippery. It conjures an imagery of water off a duck’s back; the formlessness of a stream twisting and turning avoiding the stark naked problem staring at one; a torrent of words dilutes the meaning behind a promise.

    Yet, despite these imageries, I seemed to get a subtle meaning to it. Like paper boats going down a river, with their little candles in the centre, it brought a sense of peace of things which could be fulfilled. It brought imagery of a river breaking down its stony obstacles, eventually. It can be said too that promises water the seed of trust, although it alone would not let a tree grow.

    So yes, while words and promises are slippery and unstable, we could neither give in to unchecked cynicism nor naive optimism. We do not reject outright. Rather, we plan and ready our followup action for when a promise fails. We hold each promise their due potential of both being able to be broken, and to be fulfilled.

    This is an enjoyable post, Eric.

    1. Good to see you here, Wai Chii,
      And what a thoughtful comment. Bravo! You’re absolutely right in all you propose.
      My regular readers know my penchant > toss a pebble and see what flutters out. We can all learn much from one another, as I have from you.
      Thank you for sharing your views.
      I’ll take this opportunity to Wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year
      Gong Xi Fa Cai,

  3. Not always. There may be some reasons when one cannot keep promises. Well, I believe in this and feel happy. Best wishes for 2016.

    1. Unfortunately, you’re right, Val. Hope fuels our journey. Although we steer clear of those who betray us, there’s always someone else ready to take their place – or, it seems.

  4. I wish it weren’t true….politicians and lawyers come to mind…heheh just kidding! I try my best never to promise something that I can’t/won’t do…believing in them is a whole other issue

  5. So true, Eric. Even written words in contract can be changed, what more if it is just verbal promises. Nevertheless we live on hope and sometimes we do delight in promises that are kept and fulfilled.

    1. True, Windy,
      There are many business people out there who enter into contracts with no intention to keep to their end of the bargain. They are smug in the knowledge that the weaker party simply does not have the resources to claim that which is rightfully theirs.
      No worries – the eye of the needle and the camel load of treasures, hey!

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