We’re back 🙂


“Starting next week, we’ll entertain you with our usual antics.”

“Confuse you with our out-of-this-world wisdom.”

“Exasperate you with our nonsense.”

“And even give away a laugh or two.”

“Give away a laugh or two, Brother Grinn? You’re giving us away?”

BG1 (2)

“Yup! Nothing has changed!”

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    1. “Ms Indira misses the twins, Brother Grinn.”
      “Who are these ‘twins’ Brother Grinn?”
      “Brother Grinn and Brother Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
      “Now I know what it feels like to live in a narrow valley, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Actually, Mr Ian, we Brothers Grinn don’t like all these movie stuff.”
      “Yes, it makes us look yellow, bald and squint eyed.”
      “We prefer to stay anonimi -”
      “Animoni -”
      “Anomini -”
      “We prefer to stay behind the scenes, Brother Grinn?”
      “Whew! Yup, behind the scenes, Brother Grinn.”
      “That way, our readers can imagine us to be whatever they prefer.”
      “I prefer good looking, Brother Grinn.”
      “Dream on, Brother Grinn.”

      “Okay, boys, I heard you.”

      “Was that?”
      Yup! That was him with his fingers on the keyboard.”

      1. “You’re right, Mr Ian.”
        “I don’t think Eric’s the type who fings people, Brother Grinn.”
        “True, Brother Grinn, Mr Straight Jacket does no such think.”
        “But he sure uses that Delete button alot.”
        “I don’t see any Delete button on his key board, Brother Grinn.”
        “See that blank one, Brother Grinn.”
        “Ah! I get it, Brother Grinn.”
        “Yup! Mr Wannabe 18th Century gentleman, uses it so often that the lettering has worn off.”

      2. “Wow! Mr Ian vexed poetic and I love it, Brother Grinn.”
        “So do I, Brother Grinn – and why do you keep referring to him as ‘mister’ Ian.”
        “I know, I know Brother Grinn. It should either be ‘sir’ or ‘Mr Grice’.”
        “So, why, Brother Grinn, I beg of you.”
        “Beg of me, beg of me, did you say, Brother Grinn?”
        “I drank the tea made for Eric.”
        “Okay, well, I say ‘Mr Ian’ to keep in character, Brother Grinn.”
        “Yup! I understand now. We’re supposed to be a pair of dumb non-native English speakers.”
        “Yup! We’re a pair and I agree you’re the dumb-half.”
        WHO DRANK MY TEA?”
        “Make that two yikes!”
        “Yikes! Yikes!”
        “Into the shadows we move, discrete.”
        “Lest our career comes to an end with a mere delete.”
        “What a royal balls up, the stage now complete.”
        “We better remove that pin we left on his seat.”
        “All our fun planned for today, now deplete.”

  1. Ah, and I thought one Brother Grinn only feels his mind with down there, to keep his maiden grinning, ha, ha.

    1. “Maiden, did Ms Jasey say, ‘maiden’ Brother Grinn.”
      “Yup! Maiden, like in, one maiden, Brother Grinn.”
      “I’ll starve!”
      “You like to spread your oats, don’t you, Brother Grinn.”
      “You don’t get it, Brother Grinn, but I’ll starve.”
      “Oh, I get it. The way to a man’s heart is by his stomach.”
      “You’re right, Brother Grinn. All of them feed me but with one maiden, I get only one meal.”

  2. Hello Brothers Grinn, we’ve missed your antics for quite a while. It’s unimaginable, yet amusing how you baffle each other with ever changing thoughts, but never lose the continuity, Thank you for giving us a good laugh.

    1. “Hello, Ms Jasey, yes, we Brothers Grinn are unimaginable.”
      “What makes us so unimaginable, Brother Grinn?”
      “Can’t imagine that, Brother Grinn.”
      “Could it be because, we never went to school, Brother Grinn.”
      “Yup, filling our minds with stuff, most of which we’d forgotten.”
      “Yup, most of which we never use in real life.”
      “Yup, most of which does not leave room for -”
      “Creativity and imagination, Brother Grinn.”
      “Ah, now I can see why we’re unimaginable, Brother Grinn.”
      “You do, Brother Grinn? Beats the hell outta me!”

    1. “I think Mr Bumba is testing us, Brother Grinn, dropping us a one syllable word and see how we run with it.”
      “Do you want to run with it, Brother Grinn?”
      “Hey, nope.”
      “Hi, are you sure, Brother Grinn?”
      “Hello there, Brother Grinn, yup I’m sure I don’t want to run with it.”
      “Ho! Ho! Ho!, it’s all mine, it’s all mine, it’s all mine!”
      “Heh! Heh! Heh!”
      “Hey! Wait a minute, that’s the Mechanic Leigh laugh – that Heh! Heh! Heh!”
      “Ho! Hang on! I think Mechanic Leigh just ran away with Mr Bumba’s Hey, Brother Grinn.”
      “Hello! Hello! Hello! Boys, leave my story teller alone.”
      “Was that Ghost Writer, Brother Grinn?”
      “I don’t have a ghost of an idea, Brother Grinn.”
      “Hey! Heh! Hi! Ho!”
      “Whew! You sure know your vowels, Brother Grinn.”

      1. Tell Grinn and Leigh that hey is for horses. Ever hear Jack Benny/Mel Blanc routine with the si, so, sue, sy?

      2. “Mr Bumba wants us to tell Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
        “Who is Grinn, Brother Grinn?”
        “Beats the hell outta me, Brother Grinn.”
        “I didn’t know that you’d hell in your pocket, Brother Grinn.”
        “We’ve Pappa Grinn, Mamma Grinn, Uncle Grinn, Aunty Grinn, Grandpa Grinn, Mamma -”
        “Got it, Brother Grinn, but what’s your point?”
        “Even Brothers Grinn, but no Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
        “A one name dude, Brother Grinn.”
        “What’s a dude, Brother Grinn.”
        “An extension of a dud?”

      3. “I’m happy that Mr Bumba is grinning, Brother Grinn.”
        “Yup! It’s better than brothering, Brother Grinn.”
        “Brothering? Brother Grinn.”
        “Yup! It’s better than brothering, Brother Grinn.”
        “You do come up with new words, don’t you, Brother Grinn?”
        “Excuse me, Brother Grinn, I’m off to the village.”
        “What do I do while you’re away romancing, Brother Grinn.”
        “Here, Brother Grinn!”
        “Hey! These are my dentures, Brother Grinn.”
        “Yup, that’ll keep you grinning, Brother Grinn”
        “What about you, Brother Grinn?”
        “I’ll be grinning too, Brother Grinn.”
        “Ah, that village maiden, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “When you’re happy-happy-happy – say, Hooray!”
      “When you’re happy-happy-happy – say, Hooray!”
      “When you’re happy-happy-happy and know that you’re happy, say Hooray!”
      “Are you happy, Brother Grinn?”
      “Then why say Hooray, Brother Grinn?”
      “Because I’m happy-happy-happy, Brother Grinn.”
      “Thank you for making us both happy with your visit and comment, Ms Willow.”

  3. Good to have you back, Brothers Grinn. Life is too straight, we need you guys to make it confusing so we can have a good laugh.

    1. “Thank you, Ms Windy.”
      “Did she say Life is too straight, Brother Grinn?”
      “That sounds boring, Brother Grinn. A to Z, then, Z back to A.”
      “A one dimensional world, huh, Brother Grinn.”
      “Some folks are two dimensional, Brother Grinn.”
      “Yup, they grow up and sideways, Brother Grinn.”
      “I bet their lives are not too straight, Brother Grinn.”
      “What do you mean, Brother Grinn.”
      “Well you know that most people are either right or left handed.”
      “Yup! But when it comes to the fair maidens in the village, I’m ambidextrous.”
      “I meant, when people try to walk in a straight line, they actually take wide circles.”
      “The wider the people, the wider the circle, huh?”
      “Yup, now I know why two dimensional people can’t live a straight life.”
      “What a convoluted world, this is, Brother Grinn.”
      “I’m sure, Ms Windy will be happy that we’ve done our bit.”
      “How about you, Brother Grinn, when will you ever live a straight life?”
      “I live an aimless life, Brother Grinn.”
      “Here, take this as my New Year’s gift, Brother Grinn.”
      “It’s a bulls-eye, Brother Grinn.”
      “Now you’ve something to aim for, Brother Grinn.”
      “I know what I’ll do, hang it in the urinal!”

      1. “Happily giddy with confusion, Brother Grinn.”
        “Confused with happy giddiness, Brother grinn.”
        “Giddily confused with happiness, Brother Grinn.”
        “In our next birth, we’ll be born as a pair of worms.”
        “All tangled up, Brother Grinn?”
        “Yup! And we’re getting plenty of practice in this life, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Thank you, Mr GP Cox. Two is definitely better, hey, Brother Grinn.”
      “One chuckle for you, and one chuckle for me.”

      “Chuckle! Chuckle!”
      “Hey, that’s cheating, Brother Grinn!”

    1. “Hello, Mr Makagutu, it is nice to be back.”
      “Back? I thought you were Brother Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
      “Oh gawd! I can’t take this, not so early in the morning!”
      “Anyway, I don’t remember leaving, Brother Grinn.”
      “You did leave for awhile, Brother Grinn.”
      “How would you know, Brother Grinn?”
      “I looked in the mirror, Brother Grinn, and you were not there!”

      1. “Wow! Brother Grinn, Mr Mak really thinks we’re professionals.”
        “Yes, that he does, Brother Grinn. What a nice man.”
        “I like him too, Brother Grinn.”
        “Only professionals polish and practise to perfection.”
        “Yes, Brother Grinn, that’s what makes them professional – the care to details, the quality of presentation, the impeccable image they project.”
        “But surely, we’re not all of these, Brother Grinn.”
        “Oh gawd! That we’re certainly not, Brother Grinn.”
        “What’re we, Brother Grinn?”
        “We’re the Brothers Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
        “Yes, but what are we, Brother Grinn, if not professionals?”
        “Loose cannon!”
        “Feel better, Brother Grinn?”
        “Yes, folks, Brother Grinn does feel better!”

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